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It Is Urgent Now – The Messenger


It Is Urgent Now

December 18, 2021 11:29 AM
The Messenger

Received 12/18/21 After 11:45 AM

My Son write this message of urgency down from Your Lord Your Savior Jesus Thee Christ. Children I stoped this messenger to drop everything and write this warning I have for all. What My Watchmen My Prophets and My Messengers have all written shall surely come to pass and this is now imminent as the world goes deeper and deeper in gross evil. I tell you My Children many are not ready for what shall be brought forth for what satan has planned. I Your Lord is grieved I am in tears but judgement must now come forth. Only those being Obedient to My Voice and striving in Holiness to avoid, runaway from darkness are the ones I shall take for this is imminent.

A nuclear strike upon Your nation is imminent and will come forth very quickly satan’s evil ones his puppets have sped up the timing of all , this My Children is no laughing matter and you should heed this warning . The main target is New York City and it is intended to bring down thee financial worldly system as well as plunge the us into thee war of wars. Please My Children time is oh so short please come to Me now while there is still but a chance for you to not have to endure what is coming . I love you My Children Your Lord Your Savior Jesus Thee Christ.


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