Prophecy, Trump

It IS time!! Trump will be cut down, so this nation will be cut down! – Diana Landress

Diana Landress

December 9, 2018

Write these words, daughter. I AM THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, WHO WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME. It is time for mighty Babylon to fall. SHE WILL FALL!!! In my fury and wrath, I can no longer stand by and watch my innocent ones die. MINE!! THEY ARE ALL MINE!!! And I will not loose those who are set apart. The evil and wicked…they will get what their heart desires….NONE OF ME, FOREVER. Fury? What is my Fury? Its about to be unleashed and it starts with America – America, Babylon the Great, you will be NO MORE!! Trump, he will be taken down. It IS time!! Trump will be cut down, so this nation will be cut down! A fire is kindled in my anger, my wrath, and my fury.
Be ready my child, it is here. All you have waited for is here. Thank you for sitting with me and seeking my face. Daughter, tell them…tell my bride to believe all their hopes and dreams of being with the ONE TRUE KING is here. To those who want only ME, shall have ME. I come with the ultimate gift, homecoming!! It’s time to celebrate!! Final giftings are pouring out now for my bride. My anointing is on the increase. My bride will speak forth my coming with boldness…with more boldness than ever before. The fuse is lit. The time to speak out is NOW!!! I am coming in a BLAZE OF GLORY!! Declare this with boldness!! I will no longer delay. The time is set.

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