It Is Time To Wake-Up MY Children – Krissy Miller

It Is Time To Wake-Up MY Children

Tuesday August 20,2019
Krissy Miller

I believe God gave me this word for me to share with His children on

It is time to wake-up my children! You have been slumbering for a long time.I am choosing to wake you up now.I am fully aware that you desire to not be awoken;for you are comfortable in your sleep.The world around you appears to be still and safe.You enjoy believing that there is more time left to be lived in this make believe world which is full of curtains hiding the truth of it being set-up with stages as traps and snares.I will rip the curtains which were hung by satan.I will reveal to you who are satan’s actors who have been simply playing a role to recieve you.Those whom you truly thought were looking out for your good as so-called christian leaders,will be brought under the spotlight for their TRUE identity and motives to be exposed.The numerous wolves in sheep’s clothing will be stripped from their costumes.While you have been sound asleep dreaming of your blessings upon this earth for years to come,gross utter darkness has been rapidly filling the earth and the sky.The years of blessings in your life in which you have been diligently seeking will not be on this earth,this life.Your heart desires need to switch immediately from this temporary earth, this temporary life,…. to the eternal.This earth will be burned up and this temporary life in which you are living,…. it will come to a screeching halt.You are about to enter into your never-ending eternal life.Are you prepared in your heart? Do you know where you will be living for all of eternity?Too many take for granted that they will automatically be living with me in heaven and then upon the new heaven and upon the new earth.I tell you the absolute truth.Many who claim to be my children will not be living with me because of unworthiness due to filth in their hearts.Too many will be living their eternal lives in the lake of fire with satan.All hearts are being tested and purified by me.I will determine whether or not your heart will be permitted to live with me.Are you willing to allow my Son Jesus to clean up your heart from all stains due to sin? Are you willing to put my Son in the #1 spot in your heart? If you say to me: yes,of course I will do this for you.Then I say to you: forgive,ask for forgiveness, love my Son with all of your heart,and love one another.Repent for loving this world and the lusts in it.Allow Jesus to seperate you from this world which soon will be no more.Prepare your hearts to be with my Son and myself for all of eternity. Seek my Kingdom! Seek my heart! Awaken my lovely children! I am sending my Son to bring HOME my children who are found worthy! Will He be bringing you HOME when the trumpet blows?
Wake-up! Wake-up! Wake-up!

Love your Creator Father God


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