April 30, 2016

TRANSCRIPT: My voice is thunderous. My voice is angry. My voice is pure wrath coming down to this world. Papa Yahweh is full of wroth, and it’s about to be let loose. I give and give to My children, but they only point their nose up to Me, the Great I AM. Papa has had enough. I tell you to prepare! Get ready, My saints, for My wrath comes, and it comes with a vengeance. I AM the creator of life, and I won’t stand for the life that I created to blaspheme Me, to tear down My Word any longer. It is time, My saints, to stand up for your God Jehovah. Father says, it is time! You shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and put on My Glory, My Power. You will defeat the enemy that has come against My beautiful creation. Father says, IT IS TIME. IT IS TIME. IT IS TIME. Get ready! My army will be amazing, and my army will be precise on hitting its targets. I am the Great I AM, and I do not tarry. I tell you this now, My Holy children, Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Please take this word into prayer.


I received this word from Father God Yahweh at 3:36 P.M. today, April 30, 2016.

Daughter of my very heart and My Son’s heart, write My eternal words for all of my saints to hear that you received directly from My Son by My eternal and Holy spoon in My throne room, Write, My daughter:

Father has given my daughter extra words from Me Jehovah God Almighty, who is extremely wroth with this generation. Father is very much in control, but my vengeance is going to be powered amongst this sinful planet. It is going to be an awful time for the ones who have been shown My Son Yeshua, but not have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. They honor with their lips only, but they will not open their hardened hearts. These are they who will eventually come to my Holy Son. There are others who have said in their hearts that God does not exist, and they try to prove it by using man’s science. Do you think that you come from a glob of nothing? Do you think your all wise, all knowing, all encompassing God Yahweh would allow that? But these wayward and stiffed neck children of mine believe this nonsense. Even some saints of mine say that I have used evolution to produce My creation. Am I not a God that has given you the truth written in My Holy word? These are all lies straight from the devil. He tries to counter-act what I do. He is a fool. No man or creature that I have created will ever be able to be higher than I, the Great God Jehovah Elohim. Cast down his lies, my Holy ones. Do not listen to him and his demon army. You have been given the authority to trample upon them and in My Son Yeshua’s Holy name.
Papa Yahweh, the Great I AM, has spoken.

I received this word from Father God Yahweh at 4:38 P.M. today April 30, 2016. Please take this word into prayer.

Daughter who I cherish and adore, write My Holy and eternal words down that you received directly from My spoon given to you from My Son Yeshua. Write, My Holy daughter.

Time, time and a half a time. This is the amount of time set forth in My Holy Word for the latter end of Jacob’s Trouble. However, does not My Word say that for the elect’s sake time shall be shortened? Many times, My same words can mean several things. The judgment set forth in my old testament by My prophets, these have been used not only for their time but also for future times past their generations. There are many layers to My eternal words and, as you read My Word, it comes alive to you because it is alive and active with My truths. My saints, Father has said He has cut the time for I always allow for My mercy and compassion. This tells you just what time it is. TIME TO BE PREPARED! BE PREPARED! Father’s wrath builds and builds, and it is about to be gushing forth with no relent, with no mercy with My anger within My whirlwinds. REPENT, My Holy children, and tell my last ones to repent. There will be many that won’t make it through for there shall not be much time between My continuous torment.
My Son Yeshua’s Bride, you are going to see tribulation and persecution, but the key is to stay ever so close to My Son. He will be leading you and guiding you to My lost. Oh, how Papa wants his lost to honor and accept My perfect and Holy Son Yeshua HaMashiak. You will be putting on his bowels of mercy for all who have lost their families in complete devastation. Things will be bumpy, but, Oh, so marvelous for My Holy remnant who will do anything for their God Jehovah. Papa Yahweh, all will reverence My perfect Son, Yeshua HaMashiak very soon now, has spoken.


Ephesians 6
2nd Corin. 4-5
Cover yourselves in His blood and have forgiveness in your heart toward everyone.


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