It is the Time of the End – Sister Mary

It is the Time of the End, You were Chosen from Before the Beginning of Creation

Friday, June 21st, 2019, at 12:59 PM
Sister Mary from God’s Handmaiden

It is the Time of the End, You were Chosen from Before the Beginning of Creation

“Be mindful not to haste and waste precious time. As you continue My children to seek Me in Wisdom I will give unto thee. It is Me, your King Jesus in these messages, I speak to thee. Continue purging. Much purging is required. All life’s desires must fail as you seek Me deeply and on bended knees in prayer, I AM there with you, I AM guiding and I AM leading you. Though temptation comes you may stand strong against the wiles of the enemy, he seeks to destroy thee.

“Rejoice My children in all your labour. It is never in vain. You can no longer live as others do. The separation has already began. Can you see spiritually? Can you sense a greater divide, a division of people, a division of church and state? Believe Me when I say soon you shall see what is to be of your churches and new implemented regulations. Come out My children! You must separate completely. Not in your fellow brethren, in him you’ll need to survive. You will thrive till I arrive. Times are changing, they are no longer the same. The enemy is at work, his themes and devices are in play, everything is in motion. You must continue to press onward, My soldier. You are fighting to win, you are fighting within. I know your struggles, I know all your suffering. I know all your troubles. You must trust Me with every fibre of your being. It is the time of the end, you were chosen from before the beginning of creation.

“I AM the Everlasting. I AM the A and Ω, knowing all things, knowing all, yes, all, every name that is given. You were given to Me by My Father in Heaven. We have rejoiced when you were happy, and concerned for your well-being when you were saddened or troubled. I give you My Word of hope this day: believe and trust Me. I will never leave you, I will never leave your side, I abide within. You are My chosen, you are My gift. My Body of believing will soon be leaving, but not before enduring. I AM long-suffering, not wishing any should soon parish, though I already know the outcome.

“I AM. I AM creator of ALL. All were called but few chose. As you look at your lives, what do you see? It is a reflection of the life I would lead? My children, it is importent that you remain in Me, sold out completely, no time to turn back. I AM as One who has gone on a long journey. I will come back to set up My Kingdom. How shall I find thee? What will you be doing? Will you be working for My Kingdom, or of the things of this earth will you be seeking? As you should, it is high time to evaluate your lives. Are you completely Mine? Am I thine? Do you call unto Me personally, or only corporately? You must seek to find. I AM the Vine, I AM all Truth, and you shall worship Me in Truth and Spirit, with all your heart, soul, mind, and body.

“Be ye not deceived, but only believe these are but the beginning of sorrows. Sorrows I told you so. I spoke in in My Written Words. The is no excuse to not know what’s ahead. Search the Scriptures and be fed and in doing so you will be led by and through My Holy Spirit. Holy is your King. Unholy shall not inherit My kingdom. I AM the Dividing Line. I AM the Great Shepherd. I AM thy Loving King and Everlasting Saviour. I have prepared a place for thee, all who have so humbly called upon Me. If you remain in Me, your name remains written in the Lamb’s Book. It is the Book of Eternal Life. No one is perfect, you are only perfected through Me. Seek Me daily My children. I AM is speaking unto thee. Faithful shall I find thee. It will be a day like no other. In an instant, you will be gathered unto Me for ever to be with Me,

Your Risen King”


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