It Is Now Time – Asha B Modified

It Is Now Time

June 18, 2020 3:30 PM
Asha B

Message received from the Most High on 18/06/2020

It is now time, even the time for my children to come up to me. I am ready, you are all ready. I have been waiting, you have also all been waiting and now it is time. Even that very time that I have put upon your heart, some for many years. many others for recent times.

It is now. Be ready against the day. My ways and thoughts are not yours. I will not be pushed to perform my works in the way you expect it to take place.

My people are ready. All is set for the day. You shall now come up to me. All will change for you with the twinkling of an eye and shall be no more as you knew it. For you will be endued with a great power from my spirit that shall dwell in you, even as it dwelt in me. And shall lead you into all things to show you all things and lead you in my ways.

None shall stand before you. You are mighty warriors who can defend against my mighty warriors.

The cares of this world will not be the cares for my children. My children are fearless and faith full. It is now time to come up to me. All who see shall be in amazement. Tell my children your lives shall never be the same. You will go out and rest will feel from you, but I will be your rest and your perfect peace. You shall do mighty works surpassing your understanding, beyond your imaginings.

It is time. Be ready against the day. I will come with a shout.

Your Father, Your Yeshua. Amen


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