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It is Now! It is Now! It is now! – McKana

It is Now! It is Now! It is now!

November 27, 2020

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1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV)
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

What we were told years earlier are for now, for todays, for these days. This is what it looks like when it happens, unexpectedly, urgently, when all think all is well, like the times of Noah. These are few of the many, as recorded on the time I receieved them.

Let us go !!!
(March 17:2018 3:30AM)

I know his name, a close friend, I have to remember. His name means “Many and Fast.” I can’t see his face. It is a hurry hurry time. He came in a hurry and said “Let us go!” I didn’t question where for I know what he meant but I am trying to chose shoes. I am trying to put on my sandals and am looking for a better shoe in a hurry. I knew then I don’t have time. That is it, I woke up and realized The Lord is telling me It Is Time.

Many times the same man coming and hurrying me to go with him. May be this s the last. We are going Home, to our Father’s heavenly Kingdom. Hallelujah

It Is Now!!!
(March 24, 2018 ~2:00AM)

I am in good sleep, I hear a single sentence which says “It Is Now”. Then folllwed alarming sound which said three times “It Is Now! It Is Now! It Is Now!” until I wake up and continued repeating the same word understanding the full meaning of it.

Surprisingly, immediately I felt very sad and down, the feeling of the Tribulation is upon us, I started feeling it. We are going to go through it. For a Short period we will see the calamities when the the storm starts to rain.

Yesterday was “Home, Home, Home” and today ”It Is Now” put together “Now is The Time To Go

The Time To Go Home Is Now.”
“We are going Home, Hallelujah

The dark days are coming!!!
(April 23, 2018)

In the middle of a very disturbed scene, a word came to me. I don’t exactly remember the word but it refers to the coming chaos. It will be chaotic from the destruction and I trails of destruction.
It is coming. The dark days are coming.
Lord have mercy.

Ticket bought, Ready for urgent departure!
( May 7, 2018 3AM)

People are rushing me. The airplane ticket is bought and ready for me. I see my professor and two othe people I know. They are urging me to depart, I haven’t even packed up. There are few belongings they brought for me, bags. I am told I am going back home, hometown. Without any notice and without picking anything. They have what I needed and don’t even know what. I don’t see no airplane, no other person around except the three and the burglar, the thief. I am give two dates. I see the 7th and said that is too early and I see another date the 9th. I didn’t have a choice but the 7th. That is the date of departure I have to take. There are other busy dates on the chart. There come a man dressed shabby and hooligan type. He brought a bag with drugs in it, I can see it through the bag, it is toxic and he placed it together with the other bags they brought for me. We are inside a fenced field. The man ran away after throwing the bag from behind . I followed him with anger and kicked him hard around his lower stomach and threw him way far away towards the fence. The scene ended there.

My Professor-Teacher-Yes I know who He is-Jesus.
Urgent departure
No stuff to pick
Ticked ready
Gong back home

The 7th and the 9th. I wrote what I saw. God knows what it means. The man with dirty baggage-the spoiler-The devil.

A Storm is Coming!
(July 31, 2018 2:00AM and 2:00AM)

I heard a word which says“A STORM IS COMIN!” A strong very disturbing and frightening warning.
I see/fee/hear a roaring on my left side and sort of mountain collapsing and rocks falling

After two hours, I heard the same warning “A Storm is coming!” This time, it was too frightening I woke up screaming three time “A storm is coming!” “A storm is coming!” “A storm is coming!” “It is an all out out storm!”

We know what is coming. When the time is approaching, the shock of the warning is intense.

Heaven Is Ready For Her Children!


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