It is not going away – Caroline Diadem

It is not going away

March 26, 2020
Caroline Diadem

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good afternoon my friends how is everybody I hope you’re all doing really well and these unusual times and I suppose some people would already be on lockdown and we’re not quite there yet but we’re kind of heralding we’re going that direction pretty speedily as all the nations are at the moment I don’t think excuse me just before I have a word or two that I want to share from the Lord and B just before I do that the Lord just reminded me for the kind of love relationship that we have with hymns you know and I suppose God just wanted me to refocus back on that so I just want to encourage everyone with that you know that we have those of you who are believers already have entered into that love relationship with the Lord you know and so it’s a really wonderful it’s a wonderful blessing and that’s why he created us you know and in Isaiah 62 I just want to share this with you it really encouraged me today it says

I will speak out to encourage Jerusalem I will not be silent until she’s saved and her victory shines like a torch in the night Jerusalem the nations will see you victorious and their kings will see your glory you will be called by a new name and name given by the Lord Himself and you will be like a beautiful crown for the Lord no longer will you be called Forsaken or your land be called the deserted wife your new name will be God is pleased with her and your land will be happily married because the Lord is pleased with you and will be a husband to your land like a young man taking a virgin as his bride he who formed you will marry you as the groom is delighted with his bride

and I just saw a beautiful wedding video yesterday and you could see how much she loved the couple were and it just completely gives me that visual of that so your God will delight in you on your walls Jerusalem I have placed sentries they must never be silent day or night they must remind the Lord of his promises and never let him forget them that’s two you know to us to encourage us to continue to enter see and remind God you know of his promises they must give him no rest until he restores Jerusalem and makes it a city the whole world praises so I just wanted us to mean to encourage us on that and to continue to pray for the salvation of souls because ultimately that is what God wants the salvation of souls so happy having said that now I just wanted to share a couple of words that the Lord has been giving me the last few days so

the first one was a cluster of words I received from God on the 20th of March 2020 at 5:15 a.m. in the morning so it was just these words came to me so I I got up and I just wrote them down and episode I wouldn’t forget them in the morning so here it is

Forbes Dow Jones 2,100 points crest waves peak

then I saw nice luxurious office retirement funds deer-in-headlights

so that was the first cluster of words I received now I didn’t know really what Forbes was I’ve heard of it but I didn’t know what force wasn’t so I had to research a few things and with regards to these words so the for Forbes is a USA business magazine and gives a lot of financial information as well so that’s a Forbes magazine and the Dow Jones the Dow Jones is an index which follows a lot of the corporations and monitors how how the markets are doing basically mmm and interestingly the 2,100 points I didn’t know what that meant and when I looked it up I discovered that on the 23rd of March on the choose two things the 23rd 24th of March just to choose to come just gone the Dow Jones closes up 2,100 points which is the biggest gain ever and it’s went up by two point 39 percent on the back of a two trillion package offered what that was been offered by Trump for the stock market right so I had no idea that that happened but the 2100 points was I had been given that where the Lord write crest waves and peak so we know that the stock markets being gone up and down so that makes sense to me maybe that is the peak I don’t know then I saw a nice luxurious our office I don’t know why but I just visually saw this very luxurious high-caliber office right then I then I heard the word retirement funds deer-in-headlights so that’s what I got for that next cluster I’ve got futures and Forbes leads the way elevation in brackets beside it last so it was like last elevation market to tumble ready set go so the futures didn’t know what that was and I discovered it’s kind of contracts that are made in regards to stocks and things like that and again Forbes leads the way ok that’s the magazine elevation it’s the last elevation I thought that was and so and then market to tumble at six is self-explanatory

the next cluster

hmm stocks breaks breakneck speed Trump turns sour so the brakes

I understand they what they do is they break the fall of the stock market if it’s gone too if it’s an accelerating too much they’ll put a brake on it for a certain level of time those of you who know more about Finance and know more about this than I do but I’ve come to understand this and so that’s what the brakes obviously is in relation to so yeah so breakneck speed and Trump’s turns sour next cluster it’s not going away signals gains question mark stocks credit no I haven’t brackets initiative in brackets new and then banks to fail

so the cluster I’ve got with that mmm then I got elective new in brackets commissioned

I’m just reading exactly the words as I got them from the Holy Spirit right

then I got elite ventures crime father and family mafia corruption deals shame no control over and

then the next cluster is electives joint venture shareholders burn the stocks stupefy legacy question mark and then canary in the shaft

I suppose like canary in the coal mine you know so and then yeah so that was mainly it and they were the words that I received so I didn’t know what electives meant and I there’s a few things they I don’t really know what they are so if anybody has more insight on those you can certainly let me know be happy to hear from you and so then I want to come across this now what happens very often sometimes I just I’m sharing my thoughts on paper and there might be just thought so it’s just coming to me and and then sometimes the Holy Spirit just really takes over and gives me more information you know and what I was what I’m saying okay so this is kind of the situation with this particular word and

I got a word I got more words here just again

military coup Dow Jones futures Industrial Index fall guy landslide right

and then I’m writing

here are they kicking from both sides clicking the stock market and kicking with this biological weapon are they kicking both sides

God gave me the word futures I didn’t realize it related to the markets I felt I heard military coup so and then I haven’t know they’re lockups erection videos because I have got a video there the insurrection it’s called an insurrection to boot I think something like that insurrection arises I think the name of the video is so have a look at that because that gives a lot of insight as well onto this I think I heard rod of discipline this is God’s rod he is allowing this we have ignored God we want everything but God I didn’t realize how bad our consumerism what had become until it stopped we didn’t realize how other countries were being over polluted by it until it stops hmm I don’t think the world is ever going to be the same again I don’t think we are going to enjoy the same level of prosperity again this is only God’s first strike I believe it’s his warning strike because I got a word and when I was praying the other morning shot across the bow I shot across the bow is like a warning you know that there’s got to be more threatening things to come if you don’t take the warning okay so I believe more is to come God is going to get our attention whether we like it or not this strike may cause people to consider what’s happening but I don’t believe it would bring repentance God will strike her each time with severe measures we can expect this God does not desire that a whole generation goes to hell and that’s why he brings the disciplining rod he is looking for repentance this will be the only way of escape from these judgments the labor pains increase not decrease prepare to be uncomfortable prepare for more calamities God will strike with calamities Satan has his plans but so does God evil men who plan a scheme against the Lord will be judged anyone who sides with the enemy will be in deep trouble trump has incited a hate campaign this will not fare well for Trump judgment is not in the hands of men but in the hands of God and Trump has caused a divide in his own country this will not fare well with him he has caused further plotting I say and efficient this is much more serious than winning the election this is the devastation and crippling of a whole nation the fruit of this ayat to be outworked in a country already flying under the weight of the coronavirus you have made yourselves a vulnerable target you have made yourself a vulnerable target Trump and your stirrings are the very stirrings that will rise against you you build your tower are many boastful bragging words they will topple in one puff boastful bragging and lies will never pass the test of time one puff of wind and they’re all gone no one is ready for the mighty blow of my hand you are not ready for what is to come I will admonish you my rage burns at you for your lack of repentance your heart heartedness towards me your willful and brazen neck to define me and stand against me the holy one you enraged me by your sin and godlessness you’re a stubborn hand head sorry that says I can do all things by myself by my own power well no you can’t you never trust is entrusted yourself to me and so now you will be crippled at the blow of my hand upon your stubborn pride for I am enraged against you I called out for you to listen to me I sent you my prophets I sent you my message is time and time again but you have a stubborn neck and believe that power is in your is your own well you shall shortly see that the power was always in my hand America the great how you have fallen so mighty and great therefore is your fall you shall tumble down and not rise again for great is the Mighty One of Israel who judges you all of the nations shall see this and be well you but know this it is by my mighty hand of power that I judge you Oh stubborn Queen who stands in the midst of many seas and I have written here I sensed the rage and anger of the Lord as I row this yeah so you know what was striking me as well I was as I was reading that word was you know when Moses petitioned God to spare the Israelites when they had made a golden calf right you know God turned his wrath away from Israel but actually he what he actually did was he postponed his wrath against Israel because at a later stage he did bring the same wrath the same happened with the people of Nineveh Nineveh was a nation that repented at the preaching of Jonah but later God brought his judgment against Nineveh and destroyed destroyed the city and there was another example actually just just slipped my mind now there’s another one a very clear one as well just in my mind but what the point I want to make is God’s wrath doesn’t doesn’t go away oh yes God brought a very strong judgment against Israel and what he said with that judgment was I’m gonna punish you severely the sins of Manasseh because of the this evil king God was also gonna punish them for the evil and wicked deeds of Manasseh so it’s like God doesn’t forget you know the sins that are going on you know he does come to punish them you know and so that’s why we need to repent each one of us you know and make sure we’re on the right side of God and not the wrong side of the Lord you know that’s really important so and I just want to share that word so you know come back and give me any feedback that you have and of course I’ll be on here again and once the Lord gives me anything else to share with you and God bless you all stay strong and be safe and you know just just comply and just do the things that was gonna keep you and your family safe at this at this time you know let’s pray and lift one another as well while in prayer and specially pray for those who are sick and who are in the hospital and struggling at this moment in time as well god bless you all bye It is not going away


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