IT IS MY JOB – Thalitha Kumi


Thalitha Kumi

My children,
You are NOT to be each other’s disciplinarians!
You are NOT to tell each other what to do, what to believe, what to say or not to say. You are NOT to punish each other!

Turn to Me, I AM all that. I AM Father of you all.
You are ONLY to love each other, support each other, and help and encourage each other on your way back to Me.

DO NOT make yourself My voice in your brother’s life, that is MY PLACE ! I can speak for Myself to each of you. As I have said to Peter: What does (your brother’s choices) concern you? YOU follow ME !
Disentangle yourselves from each other’s lives, make others free from YOU. Each of you should only cling to ME, and free each other, otherwise love among you is impossible. FOLLOW ONLY ME! I AM the Shepherd, the ONLY ONE to be followed.
If you criticize your brother, you usurp MY PLACE as Judge in your brother’s life – and you STEAL MY PLACE FROM ME.

I gave the laws of love, I AM to judge accordingly.
You should ONLY LOVE each other – all the rest is MY JOB.I love you, My children, be like Me and love.
Yashua, your Father.

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