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It is here October 15, 2019

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  1. Todd

    The mark of the beast is the name of the beast or the number of his name, as a visible loyalty mark, in the skin as a type of tattoo. It’s HIS mark, not an individuals personal identification information in a chip, non-visible implanted under the skin. I do believe the chip system will be used to control people buying and selling and tracking. But we must not condemn people who have received a chip implant, because it’s not the name of the beast or the number of his name. Just because a person has a chip does not necessarily mean they have pledged loyalty to the beast or received the mark of his name or number of his name.

  2. Nomarkforme

    Anything that goes inside your hand or forhead will change our DNA permanently. It means immediate damnation! No exception , once the Mark is taken its a ticket to Hell

  3. Chris

    This is nothing new. Thousands of people are having that for years in Sweden. God bless

  4. Rita

    @ Todd

    RFID Microchip is the Mark of the Beast by Carl Sanders

    (Not a tattoo)

  5. Rita

    Will The Mark Of The Beast Change Your DNA?

  6. Rita

    I heard of a guy who had taken the RFID microchip, he said after that, his thoughts turned evil and his thoughts of God were no more!

    I’ve seen many videos on YouTube where Christians believe that a person can be forgiven for taking the Microchip, that is false!

  7. The man in the video has the chip placed in his left hand. The mark of the beast is placed in the right hand. Even if this is not the mark, a computer chip placed in your body means strips you of all privacy. Government knows all of your savings, financial transactions, where you are at all times, etc. Furthermore, the implanted chip is subject to computer viruses. Please don’t take the chip.

  8. Geert

    Chemtrails ,food ,injections what ever they have nanobots inside them that attach itself to your DNA bridging it.
    So if you take the mark of the beast your nanobots artifficial Dna reacts to the chip and your Dna is changed forever

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