It is easier to fill a (tin) CAN than a plastic bag – Maria

It is easier to fill a (tin) CAN than a plastic bag

Jan 18, 2020 1:14 PM

“It is easier to fill a (tin) CAN than a plastic bag.”

…Said the Most High, Jesus Christ. Praise Him, thank you my Lord!

The Holy spirit of Jesus Christ gave me this several weeks ago, I’ve considered it much. This can’t be a more direct and easy to interpret prophecy from Jesus. Just how I prefer them.

Jesus is prepared to begin choosing and filling his willing vessels unto honor with his Holy spirit.

Yet, there is a problem in the pantry…

The vessels are too modern and God never changes! We are the flimsy plastic bags! Some of us are half-believers, not fully embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his soon coming kingdom. We tend to leak the grace Jesus has given- in exchange for worldly comforts and pity! Our foundations change shape with the simplest outside pressure… we spill our God-given talents and spiritual contents if not careful. The accuser can even SEE RIGHT THROUGH US, devising Plan B for our destruction.

Jesus wants us to be the CAN!

WE ARE RIGID, holding our faith, our ordained positions in Christ. Our beliefs are the Truth, passed down from the Ancient of Days through his Holy spirit to faithful believers. We don’t give into false teaching. We appreciate and bless the Lord for every drop of HIS grace and will carefully retain it all! Most importantly, we will not speak of the mysteries Jesus has prepared us with. The accuser will be denied grounds. We do not leak… Even when banged, dropped or beaten.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, be the CAN!

May the grace and glory of our King Jesus Christ fill you to overflowing with His power and grace. Love, your sister.

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