“It is Days Away” – Oriana Silver

“It is Days Away” – Oriana Silver


Changes are coming. Drastic changes. You will need to fully depend on Me for your food, water, and shelter.
I will provide!

I will not hold back My hand any longer for judgment to come. It is days away.

My warnings have gone out for many years, but now it is time. It is the time that all of heaven has been waiting for.
It is the time of the end.

Stay grounded in Me, for I AM your only hope in the midst of this soon coming storm.
All of creation awaits My return!”

I am reminded that the 3.5 years allotted to the beast is described in scripture as 1260 days, so it might not be within the next week necessarily, but it seems Yahweh is warming the commencement of everything prophesied is at hand.
Please feel free to post if led by the Spirit to. Yahweh bless you and keep you!!-Jonathan Silver


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