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IT IS COMING! AGAIN! – Averine Pennington



June 29, 2020
Averine Pennington

My dear brothers and sisters, I feel compelled to share something that I have postponed, put off, procrastinated doing. About a week ago, in my prayer time, the Lord impressed upon me an urgency of ‘danger coming’ that I have only felt once before. That time was in August of 2005. Back then I was given a dream that something terrible was headed our way in Southeast Texas (area specific). It was not revealed to me in the dream just what was coming, but something horrific that we must get prepared for. As many of you may remember, Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Louisiana that month. In my mind, I thought that must have been what God was trying to warn me about, as Southeast Texas was also heavily impacted by the storm. But the feeling of dread would not go away even after Katrina had long fizzled out.

I felt in my spirit that my entire family was in danger. The majority of my loved ones live in Southeast Texas. The feeling of doom was so strong I could not shake it. I wrote a very long letter and mailed a copy to each of my family and friends, sharing the details of my dream and giving them the very strongest warning possible. I told them to have extra gas for their cars, extra food and water, etc., etc. I even shared the plan of salvation as some of my family are not Christians. God’s warning was so strong I thought some might not make it through whatever was coming.

Something horrific did come! It was Hurricane Rita which came on the heels of Katrina! If any of you remember watching the news back then, they attempted to evacuate Houston and surrounding areas. Every freeway and major highway heading West or North or even East was jam-packed. It looked like a parking lot all the way to Dallas. Many people were stuck on the freeway and ran out of gas in the bumper to bumper traffic. The Houston area was not as heavily impacted by the storm as forecasters predicted, but the area where my family lived took a direct hit and was DEVASTATED! Having lived on the Gulf Coast for generations, my family would just hunker down for hurricanes. To my knowledge they had never, ever evacuated. They would just board up the windows and ride out the storms. But because of my warning, THEY DID EVACUATE! Praise God! If you could have seen my mother’s house afterwards! The forest (huge, old-growth trees) surrounding her home were snapped like toothpicks. If my mother had been in her kitchen when the tree went through the front window, she could have been killed. My brother evacuated in his RV and when they tried to return home it took them two days to cut a road back to his house with chain saws. No service stations were open and you could not get gas. There was no electricity, no water even for weeks afterwards unless you had a generator. Everyone had to depend on FEMA. Blue roof coverings stayed on homes in the area for months afterward. That’s a brief account of the long saga relating to Hurricane Rita and its aftermath.
So last week, I got this urgent feeling again! I prayed about it and just could not bring myself to issue such a serious warning again without confirmation. I laid out a fleece. I said, Lord, if you want me to warn again, please let me find a copy of that original letter that I sent out back in 2005. I searched high and low for two days and could not find it. The computer I used back then to type the letter, has long since crashed, and if I saved a hard copy, I have no idea where else to look. Without the confirmation I had asked the Lord for, I pushed the warning to the back of my mind.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago when I watched a video by Ken Roberts entitled “By SepTIMBER.” As I was listening around the 10:00 mark it was as if that was a confirmation in my spirit. Folks, what is coming is not a storm like Hurricane Rita which will eventually pass, and then we will rebuild. No! This is it! Something, I don’t know what, will touch off the fall of the end-time dominos. It will be the convergence of all your worst fears. There is no way to truly be prepared for what is upon mankind except to be hidden in Christ Jesus.

A part of the dream I had in 2005, was of an enclosure for sheep on a high grassy meadow. The enclosure was made of natural rocks and stones piled one upon the other to make a wall about 3 to 4 feet in height in a large imperfect circle, like a hand-made corral. There was no roof to keep out the elements . . . just the short wall. There was only one narrow opening in the wall through which the sheep entered. No DOOR! Sheep were being herded into the enclosure as the sun was setting. Just at nightfall, the shepherd holding his staff . . . Our Lord Jesus Christ . . . took up His post. He sat on the ground with his back resting against one side of the opening and His legs reaching across to the other side of the opening. His frame covered the entire opening. He was THE DOOR! No one else was going in or out after that! Those on the inside . . . His flock . . . were safe from all harm.

Hurricane Rita was a Cat 5 with winds of 180 mph on September 21, 2005. She had weakened to a Cat 3 with winds of 115 mph by the time she came ashore. I did not know what was coming when I issued the warning in 2005. I do not know exactly what is coming NOW . . . only that IT IS COMING! AGAIN! Please, please . . . read the warnings issued by God’s prophets. Many have been warning for years. Read the books of Daniel, Revelations, and other prophetic books in the Bible. I do not claim to be a prophet . . . just a child of God that tries to listen to my Savior’s voice. I want to be obedient to Him. Please take this message to the Lord in prayer and ask Him for your own confirmation.

I implore you, if you do not know Christ as your Lord and Savior, invite Him into your heart today. None of us are promised tomorrow. Today is the day of salvation. Choose you this day whom you will serve! The mandate My Lord has given me is to feed His sheep and if necessary, COMPEL them to come in. Please, please do not delay any longer . . . step into the safety of His enclosure before nightfall.


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  1. L Price

    We cannot read “Occupation of Rural America” because it goes to a 404 page.

  2. Comment by post author

    Website is updating I’ll have to repost it when its finished

  3. Rita

    This video is of Pastor Coverstone of dreams he has had. Could be confirmation of what is coming.


  4. KarenO

    I left a response that apparently didn’t post. I’ll try again.
    Sister Averine,

    I’m in agreement that there will be a defining event in September. I have nothing to affirm other than it is an urging in my spirit, but I wanted to thank you for posting this.

    God bless you!

  5. Tracee Smith

    My comments never post ??
    Tracee smith
    JUNE 30 /2020
    SEPT … it’s coming.. post

  6. Mary

    I am from Houston as well (Southeast Houston) and I remember the Rita evacuation well! It took my family over 8 hours to make it to San Antonio. Here are a few warning dreams I had recently that involve Houston……..If you grew up in Houston, you will remember Astroworld and the Texas Cyclone rollercoaster (now demolished). I had two dreams about that rollercoaster in April and May of 2020. The first dream, I was getting seated and strapped into the Texas Cyclone with many other people. No one wanted to be on the rollercoaster. I could see that the rollercoaster was much longer than it was in real life. It stretched on and on, many times it’s normal length. No one wanted to be on it, and we were all so frustrated and upset. The next dream I had…..an acquaintance of mine (who is from California) was with me at Astroworld. We boarded the Texas Cyclone rollercoaster. I had a small suitcase with me, and I was trying to position it under my feet so it wouldn’t fly out. The ride started. We went up and down a few times. But then we came around a corner. Suddenly the ride was going into a dark tunnel. If anyone is familiar with this ride, you know it did not have a tunnel. But in the dream it did. As we neared the tunnel, I became aware that no oxygen existed in this tunnel. I took a large, deep breathe and tried to calm myself by thinking “I can hold my breathe and make it through”. Right before entering, I woke up. I believe these dreams provided warning to me that Covid was going to have a significant impact on Texas (I had these dreams before cases started rising in Texas, to the level they are now). I feel they even showed it would happen during the summer, as Astroworld/Texas Cyclone is associated with summertime.

  7. Averine Pennington

    Thanks to all for your comments. Wish I could have seen the ones which did not make it through. Hoping you will try again later as they seem to be posting OK now.

    Mary, I’m sure many residents of Houston and the surrounding area could share their horror stories regarding Hurricane Rita. I also have a few I could add about surviving Hurricane Harvey. I believe that catastrophic event was possibly a wake-up call or time marker for events to come. Nothing has been the same since! That one really turned our personal lives up-side down. Though I did not grow up in Houston, we often went to AstroWorld in the summers. Remember the Texas Cyclone well. Wow, fading memories now. Just curious, did you ever figure out the significance of the suitcase that you took on the ride with you in your dream?

    Blessings to all,

  8. CKd

    Byron Searle also had a message from God called SEP-TIIMMBBERRRR!!!:


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