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IT HAS BEGUN – Steve Holmes

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JANUARY 17, 2024 3:32 AM

Jan 15, 2024

The Lord spoke to me Monday, Jan 15 for about 20 minutes with great urgency and some specifics. To paraphrase for lack of a recording: All of hell is going to break loose imminently. Rioting, killing, war, treachery, civil society melt down, big names coming down when exposed for who and what they really are and have done in secret, etc. Trust nobody except those he ok’s, avoid fake christians like the plague- judge ALL by their fruits, not their talk: Demons can recite the entire bible. Cops aren’t going to respond to calls, dont leave the house unless and until he directs, seek him about everything and everyone, etc. People who are normally quiet are going to be enraged and rioting, etc. Buy what you need now because everything is going to hairball. He didn’t say there was one specific thing but many things are going to come crashing down together and one HUGE event is going to set it off. I got the impression it was going to be like a case of dynamite in a storage room having a big explosion that sets of many more cases with explosions.

He said it’s time for his judgment, that the sin in the whole world is now such that if he does not intervene, mankind will snuff itself out of existence. It’s too late to turn back- He is going to fix this HIS way. He said to hang on to him 24/7 and keep your eyes fixed upon him no matter what happens. Dont be distracted by the events themselves because it’s going to become very dark, evil and deceptive. He will lead his followers through all of it IF they follow him and don’t wander into the vast darkness that is going to unfold, releasing a torrent of needless death and destruction. Again, I’m paraphrasing- but I have never received such an urgent and imminent warning. He said this is his judgment for being mocked by his creation- that he is NOT going to simply “tolerate it” and His anger borders on wrath.

He indicated people are going to lose their minds over the chaos that they can’t control that deeply affects every part of their lives. Lock downs, martial law, quarantines, obvious election interference, elections suspended, armed robbery common, kidnapping and ransome demands for not just kids but adults, corruption becoming overt, justice fallen in the streets, false accusations to get people hauled off to jails, no mercy or compassion, looting with impunity, LOTS of spontaneous rioting erupting by mobs of very, very angry mobs (avoid at all costs), extrajudicial killings, government confiscations, etc. He said a nuclear war would be much easier- boom and it’s over. This is going to drag on from here on out. The legal system will be a joke.

He said that my wife is not to leave our property from now on without me. He told her the same independently.

“Another pandemic…exceedingly deadly.”

I asked, “what is the big event that starts all of this?”
He answered, “You’ll just have to wait and see…but an incendiary event is going to enrage the masses, not just in the US but worldwide.”

“Catastrophies worse than you can imagine. Millions of innocent lives lost. People irreparably harmed financially, generations of wealth instantly gone. Livelihoods vaporized and stolen. Betrayal at every level of authority. Genocides seen as optional for controlling the angry masses. Irreverence for all that is just, righteous and holy. Contempt for Godliness. Hatred for all that is good and just. Excessive personal entitlement in everything. Remorse will be met with jeering, mockery and scorn as “weakness.” Gangs will be impossible to control. Cities and darkness will be deathtraps. Betrayal in everthing.”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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