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IT HAS BEGUN, Ora En Tus Lenguas!! – LM

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IT HAS BEGUN, Ora En Tus Lenguas!!

June 19, 2024 11:43 AM

Dream Wednesday June 19, 2024

I was at home (not my current house) and I was in another room (possibly living room?) and Im standing near a window that is to my right and I see a ball of fire falling of the sky so fast that I go running to kitchen where my inlaws and my kids are and I shout “omgosh it has began!!!”. I than look through the kitchen window and I see its heading towards us. It breaks through the window only making a hole size of a golf ball and it shoots through the house. I start praying in tongues and my mother in law says “si si ora en tus lenguas!!” I than grab my cell phone and take picture but I record instead. Im trying to text my family that it has began here in LA ( Los Angeles). I vaguely remember hearing the news in the background of more that were coming.

This dream was so real!! I woke up my heart hurting because it was beating out of my chest. I know looking out a window is prophetic insight in this dream I looked out of 2 windows, maybe double confirmation…IDK🤷‍♀️ I know its my gifting as other dreams have come to pass but Im still learning.

God bless

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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