IT BEGINS NOW, IT ENDS ON PURIM 2019 – Godshealer7

IT BEGINS NOW, IT ENDS ON PURIM 2019 – Godshealer7

Published on Mar 10, 2012

Scripture Reading:

Daniel 9:24-25

Brother Dan:

I have a long word here so I’m going to be brief, but what the Lord wanted me to tell everybody is that he looks at the holy days. He’s going to start, this message is to proclaim the Day of Atonement, that begins today and he waited to the feast of Purim ended. And he wants everybody know that this is the beginning and the end will be at the feast of Purim. Okay, so I’m gonna read this word.

Prophetic Word
Incline thy ears Oh daughter of Zion, for I am at the door. Have my Watchmen not given thee fair warning. Let not the field of worry distract you from your purpose. Patience shall be rewarded for its obedience for salvation awaits. Your destiny rides on the wind to serve my glory. Today I proclaim the hour of vigilance is upon thee. Now is the time to loosen thy sandals for when I speak that heavens listen. I shall mount thee on eagle’s wings to proclaim my glory. The eyes of days have revealed the evil in men’s hearts. Shall I not punish the wicked for their injustices lay at my feet my guiding light opens the door for the true believers. Incline thy ear, can you not hear the drums of war in the distance. The battle shall begin in the sky. The evildoers make ready and they sharpen their swords for soon their treachery shall be seen in the light of day. Gird thy loins for the armies of evil shall spread like locusts and they shall cover the lands. Let us awaken those who rest for the time of truth nears. Look around for you shall bear witness to the power of the Lord. The day grows short for soon the shadows shall cover the land. Do not fear tomorrow for it shall bring forth a new beginning for the Day of Atonement begins, Thank you sister.

Sister Barbara:
And I speechless here. Now, but, the Lord had put on me before we put this message up. I have a dream out there called seven days, seven scepters, and seven prominent events. So this is the day we’re beginning, right now, the first day, so there will be a prominent event that’s going to take place, in other words, the year. Each day represents a year, so we’re going and there’s going to be a prominent event that takes place this year. Now, if you saw my seven scepters dreamyou would know and the Lord revealed this like again this morning. That I put seven scepters which belong to the king and a large pot and I cover them with water. So that is for cleansing and purification so the date begins now and it ends and Purim.

Brother Dan:

Sister Barbara:
And that is not a word that we ever heard of before and I probably spent about a week. I say messaging people that are more knowledgeable in that area. So that I could understand what that means so brother Dan that’s an awesome message it’s actually startling and scary to know that again we’re in the end times. So I want to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord right now until September 23rd 2015 Jesus is offering a brand new beginning to anyone who responds to his message. So right now we’re getting a timeframe here you need to do what you know need to do to secure your place for eternity: repent, be baptized. Brother Dan, awesome message, major prophesy again the day begins now and it ends Purim. So, praise the Lord out there thank you again Brother Dan.

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