Storm, Word



December 14, 2021 1:18 PM

While doing my chores yesterday, I heard in my Spirit, “The Sand is Sinking”. And I heard it a second time, and then I stopped what I was doing and entered into my secret place and he began speaking:

Those that are mine & profess I am their KING and Savior have built their life on ME as their foundation & cornerstone. These I say are MINE. They have built their House upon my ROCK.
For the rain is coming, there shall be floods of calamity coming upon their house, which shall belt after belt on their foundation. These are my Foolish ones as their house has been built upon sand.

Remnant Saints, the vicious rains (attacks) are coming at us everyday by the enemy of our soul. We must be standing on Yahshua’s ROCK. Our safety comes with rebuking & binding the enemy and seeking the Father! Anxiety & worry of the systems by which we live that are being withdrawn are not of The Father’s house. Like HE says in the parable Matthew 7:24-27, the storm that is here, will it destroy your house. He is referring to your spiritual house.

It says in His word, there will come a time when all things that are not of HIS kingdom will fall. This is not an opinion, but a promise of what will happen in the last days.

Our society is obsessed with instant gratification and man-made systems for everything. We must be going to Yahshua for everything that we need in this HOUR! Prayer & Fasting is essential! The Storm is here.

Where is your foundation sitting?
Where do you run for help?
Are you running to our promised Provider who meets all our needs?

Praying for you brother and sisters,
Your Sister in Christ


Scripture references

Matthew 7:24-27
Psalm 81:11-12
Hosea 4:6
Ephesians 6:12; 17
Matthew 18:18
Isaiah 54:17
1 These 5:17
John 14:6

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