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Is Your Idol Your Job or Self?

August 11, 2023 2:06 PM


Gifts I have given people do not equate with the goodness of the soul. They are just talents, awakening of parts of the brain, which makes them more apt to do that type of work.

The soul is very separate from talents given. The soul is capable of decisions of right and wrong, good from bad. Many think because they are talented in certain areas, that they are beyond reproach in the other areas of their life.

My children sometimes become the persona of the work that they accomplish in life. This becomes their God and who they think they are. Their idols are the work and accomplishments they have performed. They become their own idol.

Be careful to separate yourself from the work, achievements and accomplishments done in your lifetime. Accomplishments of these types are not rated (in God’s Kingdom) since they were God given, to begin with. It is who you are, within your soul, which leads you to my Kingdom. My gifts to you are only looked at when you do something for another, with that gift, that is not a benefit to yourself. I look at the heart of all that one does, and judges accordingly.

If you have become your work, job or position you hold in life, reevaluate your soul and where your flesh coincides and where they become separate. Repent of any idols you have, including self. Anything you care of more than I Am is considered an idol. Be careful of anything you become obsessed with.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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