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April 12, 2023 2:35 PM
Abby K

Message given on 14/03/23 at 1:17pm

James 2:13: because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

Exodus 33:19:And the LORD said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

I came before the Lord in prayer today and when I was done I got into intercessory prayers and I was praying for the lost souls and the perishing souls as I usually do. But for the first time in all the years I have called upon the mercies of God for them, did I receive resistance in the spirit. By this I mean that when I call upon God’s mercies, I immediately connect with His heart and the grief He feels for these people and the prayers are usually so intense, it’s a deep travail. But not so this time. It’s like a door had been shut in my face and I couldn’t access Father and call upon His mercies. This troubled me so deeply and I began to wail!

As I was in dismay and crying, Father God spoke and said,

“Don’t cry anymore for these ones. Don’t call upon My mercies anymore for these ones. I am now silent; the window for My mercy is closed”.

So I turned to Jesus in shock and despair and I cried out to Him, “Jesus, what is going on?”

He answered, “My love, I am sorry, it is what it is. Now you can only cry for yourself and the only mercies that will be granted are upon your own repentance. But for the lost world, this is it, end of the road”.

So I was bewildered and wondering what chance they had to come to Him.

Jesus knew my confusion and He said, “My judgments are the next thing you will see and it’s where My mercies will be granted. In fact, My judgments are My mercies upon this world”.
I asked Jesus, “So there’s no mercy for souls to be saved?”

Jesus answered, “I have now given them over to their own desires”.

I immediately remembered Revelations 22:11 where it says that the righteous will continue to be righteous and the wicked will continue to be wicked.

Jesus said, “They are now hard of hearing My warnings. They will only hear when My judgments fall and they will call out to Me and I will hear them. Until they see and experience My judgments, they will not come to Me willingly through the Gospel”.

I could not stop crying, this was really difficult and I kept hoping that I’m hearing wrong and that all this was on my mind. In fact I told Jesus, if this was truly Him speaking, to please confirm this with two or three of His messengers. I know that a point was coming when the warnings will stop and the door of mercy and grace will close. I just didn’t think that day would come, I was not prepared for this. At this point, I would like to ask of you all if anyone has experienced this in prayer. Today as I write this message it’s the 26th and this experience happened on the 14th of March and till today I am having resistance calling upon God’s mercies for the lost souls. When it comes to my own repentance it is swift.

Father spoke and said, “Daughter, over the years you have prayed for the lost, for this is burden that I put in your heart. Do not despair, for your prayers have availed much over the years. Not only did I draw souls to Myself, but the prayers formed a thick cloud that will pour during My judgments for this is how many will be saved. Your prayers and those of other saints have formed this cloud and this is how I will show mercy in the tribulations. It’s upon all of your prayers that are sweet incense before Me”.

This consoled me for a while, but I still couldn’t shake off the pain of knowing that this door is now shut. Some while ago I had an encounter in the throne of God (I’ve already shared this message before, ‘God’s Judgment and the Transformation of the Saints-Part 2’) and before Him on my knees, I was crying out for His mercies after He had shown me His impending judgments falling upon the earth. But there was only silence from the Father.

I then turned to Jesus in this encounter and I asked Him, “What now Jesus, what do we do?” and He answered, “PRAY and WAIT”. So it all started to make sense because in this earlier encounter, Jesus had mentioned that the Anti-Christ is about to be revealed to the world and heaven will not stop him for it is given to him for a time to rule the world. What heaven is preparing to do is to release the mighty army of God who will stand against the flood of the enemy, for they are the standard God is raising.

Father then spoke and said, “Your joy will be full when you see the many souls that will come to Me during these calamities. You daughter will be part of bringing in the harvest of souls you have so lovingly prayed for over the years, and I promise you, your joy will be full. Now you don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense, but soon you will rejoice in the harvest. Yes, many will perish but many too will be saved. Even those that will perish, many will come to Me”.

So I stood with My Jesus still crying and He was consoling me saying that, “All will be well, all will work out. However, it is time for this next phase of events to happen”.

Father said, “I want you and all who are Mine to concentrate on your own souls. Ensure you are praying all the time and repenting. Get yourselves ready for I am now perfecting you to be My mighty army. Pray without ceasing and always be in My word and I will release fresh revelation that will guide you in the times ahead.

This whole scenario reminded me of the half hour silence in heaven recorded in Revelation chapter 8. And I came to understand that this silence happened as the events and judgments broke out at a greater magnitude as His people were being tested. This is also an answer to the souls of the martyrs crying out to the Lord asking how long until He avenges their death, in which the Lord answers and tells them it will be until the number is complete of their fellow servants who were to be killed just like they were. I feel like we have entered or are entering this silence because the martyrs can only be killed during the tribulation.

So after this encounter, I laid down to calm myself a bit. And as soon as I did and shut my eyes, I had a vision where I saw a huge mighty lion in my home area where I live. He was walking majestically and everyone scampered to safety, watching from a distance what his next move would be. I suddenly found myself before him and as he walked slowly towards me, I suddenly realized it was Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He reminded me of the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia. I then understood that He is not coming back as a lamb, but as the Lion. It is also time for His mighty army to arise as lions and roar to the inhabitants of the earth His TRUTHS.

In a previous encounter (God’s Judgments and Transformation of the Saints-Part 1 and 2) Jesus likened His remnants to the four living beings that are before God in His throne recorded in Revelation chapter 4. They will roar as the lion, operate in the strength of the Ox and will have the sight and flight of the Eagle to soar high above all the chaos. The same beings Ezekiel was shown in Ezekiel 1. The fourth being with the face of a man is the remnant that will carry the four facets of Jesus.

So as I stood before this majestic Lion, I could understand His thoughts and He said, “It is time for My army to arise. I am about to call upon you, to prepare you for what is coming and what your roles will be. This will be your training. I will give to each one of you your instructions. I then asked in my thoughts how He would do this. He said, “Don’t worry, but each one of you will know when it is time. I will lead you to where you need to be”.

Beloved, Jesus has talked before many times to different servants about the training of His bride. This then means you may have to leave your family. The time has come and each one of you needs to be ready to receive these instructions. I believe He will download into our spirits or through dreams and visions. But whichever the case, He says you will each know when it is time. So let us remain in the place of prayer and in the secret place because at any moment, you will be called upon. I think it also important to prepare your families for this day and event so that when it comes it will not take them by surprise. The lord had also some time back I think in 2021 told me to tell my family about these judgments coming upon the world. It is important they are prepared especially our children so that they may know how to respond. Not in fear but in the steadfastness of the Lord. He also instructed us to be praying Psalm 91 as a family in our daily fellowships. Seek the Lord in prayer about how to prepare for these times individually and as a family. It will be different for each one. May the blessings and strength of the Lord be upon you all and your families.

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