Is God ok with you? – Edward Umling

Is God ok with you?

November 30 2020
Edward Umling

At Patmos the LORD said to the Believers REPENT:

  • to Ephesus He said “Repent” or He would remove their LIGHT;
  • to Pergamos He said “Repent” or He will fight against them;
  •  to Thyratira He said “Repent” or be cast into Great Tribulation;
  • to Sardis he said “Repent” or He comes as a thief in the night to judge.

Thus Repentance was spoken to the called out Believer who thought he was ok with God.

So the question to ask is God ok with you?
The Word from the LORD is REPENTANCE and He is speaking to the Believer, to the Churches; the Christian:
the One who thinks in his heart “I am ok with God”

Is God ok with you?
For thus sayith the LORD.
I am about move and sweep with a vengeance. Hear the sound of Thunder?

My Holy Ones are with Me.
Now I try this people. Here it comes calamity upon you. None shall escape. It is a refining fire, purging and cleansing.

I overturned tables then now I overturn Rulers and People and Nations and Tribes.

December; sorrow replaces gladness; confusion replaces order; division replaces peace; reason replaces faith. Drink from the cup dregs are next



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