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Is America still salvageable? – Tim Price

Is America still salvageable?

June 13, 6:38 AM
Tim Price

One June 13th I woke up to a dream. In the dream I was wondering what state America was in, and whether it was salvageable.

I saw a tall white pillar, similar to the type you’d see at the US Capitol. It was badly eroded and close to the point of collapse.

While still in the dream, I saw the time ‘9:11’ on my phone. It was time to wake up.


America is still standing, but its Godly-moral white foundation pillar has been badly eroded. If it erodes much more, it will collapse.

The eroded white pillar could also represent the state of the US Capitol: the weakened state of congress and the legislative branch of the U.S government. It could also represent the perilous state of the presidency and its power.

I saw ‘9:11’ because America is in a state of emergency at the present time; she needs emergency help (divine help). The reason I saw that time on my phone is because God is calling us to pray for the US like never before–her very future is at stake!

The encouraging part was that America is not done for yet. It is still standing. But she needs divine help now otherwise she WILL fall. The nation needs to wake up! Please let’s pray for the US like we’ve never done before. Now is the day of salvation!



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