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Iran and Israel: All eyes on the Middle East – Terry Crockett

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Iran and Israel 

All eyes on the Middle East

October 20, 2023 3:47 PM
Terry Crockett


Iran and Israel 

All eyes on the Middle East

Iran making a name for themselves.  Keep watch this nation as it appears ‘hot’ like an iron in a pit of hot steam coals- striking their enemy – Israel.

The seas boil with blood and Nuclear comes to minds in Days of fiery.   The skies turn red with smoke suffocating the air we breathe.  War strikes the homeland.  Raise up the Lord’s Banner — Victory! The King rides wearing a Crown upon His head and A rod in His Hand. 

Hallelujah, Our God Reigns forever and ever!


A new year bringing Christ’s fulfillment of His many promises.

Kim Jo Un makes more ‘show’ of his arm speaking greater threats on weaker nations.  Tensions rise with South Korea and even against the US.

Russia still in the news advancing against western intelligence and advancement.  Baltic nations and hot spots throughout Europe begin to kindle in civil unrest. 

The golden boy of war, “Zelinsky” continues to resist Russian’s arm claiming victories.  

Iran and Israel

Another war breaks out in the “Persian Gulf” (Red Sea).  US sends ships to maintain peace within the region.  Israel and Iran do battle, a hot spot of contention.

South seas red with fury as China rages war claiming islands that resist with weakness.  Asia breaks out in civil unrest on fire with contention against their government rules and regulations.


Let the Lion Roar, let His intentions be made known!  Shake O’ Earth, let My roar shake the Heaven’s and Earth.  For One judges the Times and Season accordingly.  Have not I stirred the nations into war and My Winds blow?

Be not frightful at the news of the stirring of nations.  For these things must be before My Return.  For it is time for My judgments to begin, the shaking of the nations in the Earth.  My words are to arise and take their place, scourging the Earth with fire. 

My Father bids Me to arise and come in these Last Days for change is coming in the Earth as Times and Season reflect the prophetic. 

Let the Roar of My Voice ride above the waves stirring, calling them into war.   Has the world gone mad all at once?  Can there be a Heavenly call?  Are there Angelic Beings standing blowing their trumpets of war on the 4 corners of the Earth?  Are they announcing the End has come?

Change I bring, for in a blink of an eye, all things become new.  The old vanishes ushering in God’s will in the Earth.  Wars and Rumors of Wars as God’s Judgment begins in the Earth.  There is an escalation of all things, as Time is squeezed on both sides.  For My Father has set both Time and Seasons according to His will.

Time change is upon us.  It would be well to adapt to His Time and Season, understanding The One has entered into the End of Days and will fulfill all He’s has said, bringing everything in Devine order.  For who can deny Him is place to Rule?

Who can say no to the day of delivery, when it is time for the Prophetic to be birthed.  Can the pains of birth prevent what is coming?  The Earth shakes and trembles preparing for the return of its King.  There is no going back, no returning but only what is to come.

There is knowledge arising to ‘the Day of the Lord as come’.  I announce a “New Day” in the Earth has come and let My Church arise ‘entering in’ the soon return of their King, God’s Anointed and Savior of the world.  For look up, your Redemption appears and gates open!



A Book of Time opens its pages flipping to the chapter “War of the Nations”.  The world on edge watching as war plays out on the nightly news, horrified at images and stories of mass killings and hostages taken.  The world taking sides joining in, as if they’ve been stirred.

The world awakens on the edge of nuclear encounters. A Holy invasion prepares when two enemies battle to the death, one victorious and one lies defeated.  A King rides against His enemies, leveling their strategies and maiming their strength.

And kings gather watching these strikes play out raising their voices in contention.  Iran threatening to push back and retaliate against its enemies.

A dream given to one of May prophets (Chris Reed) showing the enemies playbook striking America in retaliation against their support with Israel.  Israel’s war spilling over its borders sending a message to America – an invasion rocks your borders.

Preemptive strikes to weaken her from within.  A silent invasion rocks her to the core.  People held captive by foreign adversaries, militants hidden, strike without warning.

The world has advanced from peace to chaos, turmoil into war.  The Middle East awakens in ablaze as prophecy is in the making.  Tensions between nations as if rubbing against one another.

Israel My nation in the world view, as if put on a pedestal, despised by men.  America befriends her in lips that deceive claiming to stand in her defense and defend.  Biden speaking out of both sides of his mouth, as his loyalties come into question.  A man caught in the middle.

Many on the side seeking Israels destruction – powerful and wealth nations.  

Israel, the Lord’s Timepiece and calendar.  A watch setting your clock by striking midnight, cascading time into the, End of Days.

America an enemy has asked for you.  The year ends, as America brought to her knees held captive and cut to her knees.   A powerful people held for ransom.  The stakes are high as a powerful enemy lies within striking without notice.

Prepare homes and supplies, you have been warned.  Christmas on hold, as survival become the name of the game.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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