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Inwardly, They Always Have an Agenda

June 15, 2024 11:02 AM


Not all will make it, not all will accomplish what needs to be done, to make it to Heaven. Each person’s heart has been formed and the deeds they do, either bring them closer or further from I Am.

Some hearts are hardened, but yet over the years, have shown a façade of care for others, but their intentions have never been hidden from me.

Their love is one, for themselves, wrapped up in flowery chants, that only fully benefit them. All moves are calculated and executed for their well-being and comfort, not for those that they portend (pretend) to care for. Some are driven by money, fame, comfort, power, pride, or self-exaltation.

Outwardly, they look like anyone else, but inwardly, they always have an agenda.
Do not expect much, as time marches on, for them. For they say, we get worse as we get older, and more set in our ways. Spirits of pride, greed, love of money and control of all situations drive these individuals.

Continue to pray for those in ALL sins, so that they can see their way to the light, that has been blocked from them for so many years. To see the light, they need to step out of the darkness and shatter the chains that have bound them. Pray for their release from the cage they have occupied, for so long.
I Am in all my children; I just need to be found.

Photos courtesy Pixabay


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