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Invasion of Chinese and Russian Troops upon the U.S. Soil, North Korea Missle Attack – Gwendolen (Rix) Song

Gwendolen (Rix) Song

Prophesy of Invasion of Chinese and Russian Troops upon the U.S. Soil, North Korea Missle Attack

These are the Words from our King and Savior, Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ;

September 4, 2016 Gwendolen (Rix) Song

To My dearest children who reside in the United States of America,

Children, this correspondence is directed especially towards you, and it is at this late hour that I wish to share some of the plans of the enemy against you. Dearest ones, the New World Order has already been formulated and is ruling in its secret offices across the planet. It appears as though your democracy is still in operational order, but I can assure you that whatever you are seeing upon your television and computer screens is a farce. It is a lie. It is berthed from the pits of hell as the demonic organization of the Pope and the Barack Obama has completely sabotaged everything that represents freedom within your land. Your banks have not yet collapsed; your education system is still operational; and your military still has the appearance that it is functional only because of the power of My Holy Spirit upon the planet.

As soon as I remove My most precious Holy Spirit upon your planet complete pandemonium will breakout across your land and events and circumstances will dramatically change. I will remove the youngest of the children first, and then I will rapture My precious Bride. I will begin to send My Holy Bride out to walk the streets and share the unperverted gospel with the lost. I say “unperverted gospel” children, because for too long preachers have been stealing money from My precious children to line their wallets. They have been teaching of how to get ahead while living on the earth instead of storing up treasures for you in My heavenly kingdom. They have been dressing in fancy clothes — silk ties and linen suits all the while I have children sleeping beneath bridges and in cardboard boxes all across this planet. There are entire families sleeping in automobiles trying to stay warm on a cold night and soon, there will be nowhere anyone can run from the presence of the Antichrist! He will hunt you down and ask you to take the symbol of his name. He will pursue you. He will entice you. After a short while when his temper has gotten the best of him, he will then begin hauling many of you to his detention camps for retraining and education of how to live in his New World Order.

You see, dearest ones, he has created his own utopia, and in his utopia he is the king and you must do things his way. There is no free will when it comes to the Antichrist or the False Prophet. There is his order from his created chaos and then there is his own type of mind control. He will try to control and micromanage every sector of the planet for his own glory.

People will love him too, for a season. After this season has expired, he will then begin eliminating My holy children systematically because they are the last remaining Christians upon the planet. He wants his planet to be free from the presence of your Creator and so he has come up with many ways to annihilate you should you be left behind. He has come up with ways to bring rampant disease, pestilence, and even martial law across the entire globe. He is salivating to accomplish all of his warped plans, dearest ones. He is salivating and he is scheming at all hours of the night and day. He has his own team of confidants that he works with to help guide him in the transition phase of this plan. Every loophole and every backup plan has also been discussed in the late hours of the night.

While My holy children are sleeping, the Antichrist has been quite busy coming up with clever ways to affix the mark of his name, the mark of the beast, and to implement his own world religion. You will see these things unfolding in the days ahead and you will wish that you had taken My messengers and prophets more seriously. It will be the worst time that this planet has ever experienced.

I am calling all of My children to repentance today. Turn away from your lifestyles of sin! If you are worshipping any other god or gods other than Me or My Father then you must repent today! Repent or face your punishment in hellfire for forsaking the name of your Creator. I have been loving and kind, merciful and just, and now it is the time for sinners everywhere to REPENT! Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. The kingdom of the One True King is at hand.

Be thankful that out of My great mercy that I even send messages at all, dearest ones. I know that many of you are reading the end times messages from the LORD. Many of you are mocking them too, and you must be careful not to mock the words of My messengers because when you are mocking them, you are actually mocking Me. I do not take this lightly and neither does My Father. Please come to Me today, my little lost sheep, for I want to escort you to safety. The only place of safety is in My capable arms. Do what you know that you need to do today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.


Lord Jesus

*Let us each come humbly before the Throne of Grace and repent of the sins in our lives and for our nation, the United States of America. Let us admit our own personal roles in allowing our nation to be overtaken by foreign gods and false religions.

Let us all everywhere around the world repent and prepare the way for the coming of our Messiah!

Sister Gwendolen (Rix) Song

Romans 3:23, Mark 1:3, Isaiah 40:3, Deuteronomy 28: 15-68

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