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Invasion During Winter? – Larithza Medina


Invasion During Winter?

October 21, 2021 10:11 AM
Larithza Medina

Good morning dear brothers and sisters!

I want to share the dream that I had this morning (October 21/21).

I was walking around with a friend in direction to the town when I saw my former boss walking in direction to me, his face was serious, looks like he was worried, he eventually recognized me and he just said hello and continue his path.

Something that caught my attention was his clothes: he was wearing a long winter coat.

When my friend and I arrived to the downtown, the people was in a hurry, running and taking any vehicles. I saw cars, trucks and pickups full off people. They were flee the town a soonest as possible they could. I understood that they were leaving the country, not just the city or state.
I found a man and he said: “you can come with me, I have a small gas station in other country”.

I decided to stay. When I was walking the streets, the city was almost empty. The people left the city. Suddenly I saw two blue and white helicopters, one hit in one building. I tried to reunite the few people that was still in the city.

End of the dream.

For me, the dream’s message could be: invasion during Winter season, but I can be wrong.
As always, please pray for confirmation.


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