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Inundation of Demons – Refuge and Hiding Place

Inundation of Demons

Oct 13, 2019, 8:09 PM
Refuge and Hiding Place

September 5th, 2019 1:30-3:00 am

Two things of note that will help you understand the vision.

My prayer room-is a place in my mind that I meet Jesus and talk with him. It has walls and a floor of white marble, there is no ceiling. Inside that space it is always peaceful, rarely with distractions or outside influence. It has the feeling of a glorious, well-lit dance hall, with the peace of a quiet, secluded beach.

The field-is a place I meet Jesus to talk about the journey we are on and the next season that we will all enter into soon. It is always just an open grassy field with Jesus and I walking hand in hand. The field can represent the past, present and future and is often adorned differently depending on what he wants to talk about, or what I have asked about.

I was up to pray this morning about 1:30 AM and had an interesting vision. I had walked into my prayer room, but the moment I set foot in the room it got 4 to 6 times bigger than normal. I was very much caught off guard as it has never changed size or shape before. As the room quickly grew, I was looking up and all of a sudden there was what looks like a tornado or twister. But it was over my head, I was looking into the bottom of it. Out of the bottom center, I guess what you would call it ‘the eye’ of this tornado, a hoard of evil appeared. Thousands and thousands of demons were pouring out of it.

At the exact same time I was looking up at this mass of demons that was coming in my direction an angel with a long Gold trumpet appeared next to me, on my right side, and was blowing his trumpet. The angel appeared so suddenly and the trumpet was so loud that I physically jumped, it surprised me.

Though there was an uncountable number of demons coming my way I was not scared, in fact I was totally peaceful as I usually am in that space. The hoard of demons did not come into the prayer room even though they were headed right at it. The just swerved around the room and went on past in what looked like a never-ending, high speed precession.

Then there was a scene change. Now, I am standing in the field. All these thousands and thousands of demons were coming directly at Jesus and I at incredible speed. (like in Star Wars when the space ship goes into light speed) they were just streaking by us. No harm came to me, I was not fearful or even felt surprised at the situation. But I did notice that it was virtually imposable to walk forward, like a very hard wind had come with the demon hoard.

I looked up at Jesus and said “I cannot move forward; we need more people to link hands so we can support each other so we can move forward.”

End Vision


Enlarged prayer room- The Lord will be enlarging much in the coming weeks, months and years. Our capabilities both physical and supernatural, the number of people who are fighting for the kingdom, etc.

Tornado of demons- The time is at hand when the enemy is released to rally his troops for a full-on frontal assault.

The angel and trumpet- “it is time” the trumpets are being blown; the seals are being broken. We have entered the end of the end times.

Walking hand in hand with Jesus- Though that is my normal stance when in the field, I had to learn that.

The field (our current and future journey) looks deceivingly peaceful but it is dangerous and will destroy you if it gets the chance. Yes, we can stand up, even come out unscathed holding Jesuses hand. But, in the coming war we will not be able to move forward without unity and community with other believers as well as holding on to the hand of the father. (This topic is possibly the one the lord has talked to me the most about over the last few years. This world is broken and knows little about fellowship, unity and community. And believers must learn to function in those areas far better than we do now or we will not survive long enough in the next season to fulfill our destinies.)

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