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Intimate Relationship with ME

April 27, 2022 3:41 AM
Brother Moses
April 27, 2022
I have chosen you -Haggai 2:23

Words from the Lord.

The world is crumbling on daily basis. Evil is greatly increasing in the land. Many have turned from Me to worship idols. Anything that you love More than Me has become an idol. How much time you spend with Me daily determine how much you love Me.

My children, before you came into existance I know you. Before the foundation of the world you where already existing in My heart. I wrote everything about you in My book. I formed you with great carefulness for I love you with a special and infinite love.

My plans for you is beyound what you can ever think of. I have chosen you to be My son (daughter). I am your perfect Father and I created you for an intimate relationship with Me that will last forever. I placed you in the realm of time in other to train you on obedience, humility and total submission to My will.

How intimate you are with Me in the realm of time will determine how close you will be with Me in eternity. Those who gave themselves completely for Me to train them in this life will occupy a very high and great position in My kingdom. My child I love you with an everlasting love and I rejoice over you with singing.

I have chosen you to reign with Me as a King, but it is only those who submit their time to Me for intensive training so that they will become like Me in life and nature will rule the nations with Me. My children, stop chasing after shadows and pursue an intimate relationship with Me.


Coordinating Scriptures

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Brother Moses.


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