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Internet Shutdown Soon Coming

August 2, 2020 8:27 AM


On the Sunday morning news today on a big tv network they were attacking any internet news site that is presenting anything else than the narrative that they are telling us on the mainstream media. They were saying that the rise in “covid” cases is due to online conspiracy theories. Some of the “dangerous” theories were: Bill Gates and his ID2020 Vaccine Agenda, human microchip implants, the use of Hydroxycholiquine, Z-Pak and Zinc, the dangers of wearing face masks, radiation poisoning from 5G cell towers and demonic attacks. They were saying that anyone who believes in these topics is “putting people’s lives in danger.” This should be clear evidence to us that these are the exact topics that they don’t want us knowing about or talking about. This is the beginning of thought police. They want to control what you believe. They do not want you to have your own thoughts. If you disagree what they present you with, you are dangerous or a threat to everyone else’s safety. The news clip ended with them saying that they will try to “crack down on the spread of dangerous information on the internet.”

Instantly the Lord put these words in my head:

“This is how they will shut down the internet. They will say that too many people are dying because they believed the conspiracy theories on the internet. Once the internet is gone they will tell you to just believe what they tell you and do what they tell you and we will all be safe and everything will be alright. They will say the vaccine is safe and once we all get it we can all go back to our nice, safe, normal lives. Remember how the adversary told Eve that the fruit would not make her die. He said the fruit would be good for her and make her to be like God.”

Remember the words of Hosea:

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”


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