Intercession – Only a Grain of Sand


Aug 19, 2019, 9:23 AM
Only a Grain of Sand

Two Messages On Intercession:

1. Taken In The Spirit, Spring 2019
2. Dream: Expect The Unexpected As The New Normal,


1. Taken In The Spirit
One night earlier this year after I had gone to sleep, I thought I was having a dream, but then realized I had been taken in the spirit into a former neighbors current residence, like a fly-on-the-wall. A house in another town, with an open concept kitchen-dining room, where they were having a heated argument. At the same time I was also cognizant of the wife’s interior thoughts. She had an idea to kill her husband, now that she had his two healthy children, and a renovated house. She wanted rid of him completely.

The entire experience was unnerving and upsetting, for many reasons. When we were next door neighbors, the wife had taken an instant dislike for me when they had moved in. She destroyed my personal and business reputation in the community. I was from another part of the country recently moved in and was just starting out in this small town.

I prayed for both parties, after waking-up, the next morning. Sometime later I had a conversation with the husband’s mother, who informed me that her daughter-in-law, was recently quoted as saying “I want to go back to college to finish my degree, in case something happens to you.” I had just informed the mother-in-law of my taken in the spirit experience. What she said was obviously a confirmation of intent. She is strong in The Lord, and is praying for her son, the marriage, and her daughter-in-law.

Why am I communicating this? Because was as Christians have to forgive and intervene/intercede to save others from destroying themselves, their families, other people, and their own souls. The Lord wants us to be pro-active! If He gives you a clear picture or even an indication, of some potential evil, it is our duty as Brothers & Sisters to step-up and actively pray to destroy the machinations, the evil one’s intentions, plans, and plots. Before they are carried out if possible.

Don’t hesitate to take it to the Holy Spirit, and immediately intercede. It could mean saving a life, or someones soul. The times are dire, and desperation, famine, pestilence, addictions, war, demonic possessions, natural disasters and financial collapse, are all Here Now!

Don’t have any regrets later, you didn’t do something to intercede and change evil into good. It was revealed earlier to me that this young wife needs delivering ministry. She is possessed by a spirit of hate, that is eating her. I pray The Lord Jesus Christ that this young family is delivered from the evil one’s attacks and can heal the wounds, the darts of satan and his minions in His Holy Name, I pray. Amen.

2. Dream: Expect The Unexpected As The New Normal

Was in a large city, downtown walking my dog on a leash. The streets were in a grid pattern, and it was a residential neighborhood. On a sidewalk, walking north, we crossed the street, and went to another street to the east and continued north. (God was positioning me to experience the event, and to be ready to intercede.)

All of a sudden a huge twister was visible to my right in the sky. It had picked up a 20ft. Pontoon boat from someones yard. The twister moved away to my right, then the boat dropped and I heard it crash, with a fire-ball ascending. I stood still for a moment in shock.

Suddenly the twister was coming for me. It had obviously touched down a gain and picked up a construction sized dump truck. It was coming right for me. I yelled “STOP!”. The truck set-down, facing me and I saw the driver looking straight at me in horror. He was fine, the truck looked undamaged, as it had landed on all four wheels. Some people farther down the street, came forward and we spoke briefly. I decided to get-out of the area, and turned around heading south, with my dog on the leash, as it was turning to twilight. I crossed a street and was hurrying, when I noticed a coyote skitter across a lawn and disappear behind a house. My dog got excited! What was a coyote doing in the middle of a big city residential neighborhood?

Then I realized I was not wearing my T-shirt, confused I decided to return to the area of the accident to find it, not understanding why I had taken it off in the first place? Returning to the area I noticed a man facing me in the road, shrouded in darkness, looking at me intensely. It was the evil one. I woke-up hearing “Write it up.”


The dream is self-evident. We must now be ready for the unexpected, bizarre and dangerous at any moment. Discovering I was not wearing my T-shirt indicated we must always be covered with the Blood of Jesus, and therefore prepared for whatever comes our way. But also somehow I had was exposed, now, not wearing the full Armor of God. I was trying to get it back on.

The coyote symbolizes, what has come down through the history of mankind in urban areas. When evil overtakes the people, the wild animals, enter the towns and cities and wreck havoc. It was starving and had been drawn into the city, or had turned against mankind dropping its natural fear of man.

The owner of the pontoon boat, and the people who owned the land where it crashed were not with God, they suffered greatly. The only reason the truck was set down safe and stopped from crashing into me, when I yelled “Stop!”, was because I was right with The Lord. It was not my power that saved the day, but His! Intercession Is A Must Brothers & Sister!


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