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Intense spiritual attack!, Do Not Give Up! – McKana


Intense spiritual attack!, Do Not Give Up!

January 31, 2022 1:03 PM

January 31, 2021

Isaiah 48:10 (KJV)
Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.

In these days, for obvious reasons, many of us are experiencing intense, severe spiritual attacks. The enemy has run out of time, is working hard to inflict as much damage as he can before he goes down. Let us not be deceived, no matter what form and kind it takes, such kinds of attacks come from the enemy. It might come in the name of a family member, a friend, a relative or a neighbor etc etc. The enemy is very deceptive, uses any one who he thinks serve his purpose. The reason for this post is to let the family of Christ know that you are not alone. The enemy tries many avenues. It is good to watch and guard your soul. From the intensity of the attacks, one might think, what is the point? and forced to give up on the prayer. Sometimes, it will feel very hard to pray, hopelessness might Crip in. The enemy works to deceive, distract, drive us sick, weak, poor, measurable and dead. No matter what, don’t give up the prayer. After the prayer, you will certainly see the result, the Lord is faithful. Knowing the only weapon we have is our prayer in faith, the word of God, with the help of the holy spirit, we shall overcome. Remember, our victory is already won. The good news is, we are attacked because we are with our Lord and the enemy has seen something good in us. Specially seeing the Glory of God in the little children, will make them primary targets. Getting rid of us will give him a free ride to send all to the pit of hell. Not so fat devil, we say, we have our Lord with us who sees everything. When we go through these difficult moments, the patience of the Lord shall not be misunderstood. Beware, the action of the Lord is final! It is also good to remember, with what we can handle, we don’t have to always call on the Lord for everything. As the Lord told me ones, “Use the power I gave you, don’t call me on what you can do!” Enough said.

See this small struggle I encounter in daily basis and know what your prayer, no matter small, can do. We are being rifined too!, test of faith and endurance.

Intense spiritual attack!
(Vision of January 31, 2022 2:30AM)

For many, over eight years, I am under sever spiritual attack. These days, it is getting worse. This night, I am awake from a bad attack at 2:30AM. I was very upset, I prayed, prayed and prayed, made my case telling the Lord:-

Didn’t You tell us ask in my name and you shall receive? Our prayer is for protection, Your word says, no evil shall comes near you, call me in the time of your trouble and I will deliver you. Your word says, the Lord will protect you forever, starting from this time etc, why is that I am going through this? Your word says we are healed by your strips etc, etc why all this? A small grumbling! No one wants to experience what I am going through, I think.
Then, I rebuked the devil and ordered the evil spirits, the devil, to go to the dark endless pit of hell right now and said the Lord has given us all the power over all the power of the enemy.

In that moment I see a hole like a volcanic vent, no fire, the pit. I see a left hand hanging by the left side of the very edge of the pit. The hand is holding the edge of the pit. It looks like the hand of a witch, thin, long fingers but the darkest one can imagine, very very intense dark. It is falling in the pit. I was wondering, I am awake, I can’t sleep for two hours, what am I seeing? Then, many hands who look like ash are also in the middle of the pit going down, their hand stretched up but thy are sinking. The first hand was very, very dark, the rest look like ash.

In the morning again, another attack, I prayed and prayed and saw/felt/understood while in prayer, many heads and bodies falling, slamming to the ground, all around me. I didn’t know that I was surrounded by so many evil spirits. I am very much used to this, the evil falling all over around me when I pray.

I have sent many of these evil things to hell. I have shared some of them here in this site, this is another one.

In addition to Psalm 23, 91 and 121 kept in memory for use every moment needed, a sister advised to pray Psalm 35 and I did, amazing result, heavy prayer.

Thank you Lord. Amen!

Endure to the End!
Repent! Repent! Repent!



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