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Posted on March 24, 2015

My daughter, write My Words for those with ears to hear. I will ask you to share these Words at an appropriate point and time. My children do not become discouraged or forlorn if things do not occur EXACTLY the way that you have in mind. Many Words spoken share half of what will be occurring, but there are still missing pieces in the puzzle. My children, be patient because I can only share so much now. Oh how I would love to scoop up My bride right now and carry her away to the place that I have meticulously prepared for her. Oh My loves, how I long to bring you unto Myself. My bride, you will be witness to some things, but do not fear for My protection is over every hair on your head. No matter what you see occurring around you, keep trusting Me. Keep on trusting Me. When your hearts are troubled, My heart is troubled. It is so important My loves that you continue marching forward. DO NOT GROW IMPATIENT, do not grow weary, do not give up hope, for your hope in Me should know no bounds, and your hope should not be determined by timing or what others do or say, but the hope that lies in each heart should only be determined by Me and your relationship with Me. I can fill your heart with hope, if you’ll receive it. My children the things that you will see are not meant to scare you My loves, but to facilitate conversations with the backslidden and the lost, for you will be given supernatural knowledge. Supernatural knowledge of events that are unfolding around you and an undeniable supernatural peace. These proofs will sway the backslidden and win the lost to Me, My bride. You will see many ripened for the harvest when these times come suddenly upon you. Many will be startled and they will be open to the truth for the first time in their lives, or they will be brought back into the truth, after being away from it for a long time. Do no doubt My ability to get into the hearts of My creation. They will see what My bride has and want it. My bride will exude peace and understanding. My love will flow through her. Supernaturally My warmth and love will shine on and bring My truth into the hearts of many, readying them for the harvest. They will be bundled, tied and presented to My Father as My greatest offering. For what My Father gave to Me, I return to Him, wrapped as a gift — wrapped as a holy gift. His creation will finally be as He created it. His creation will finally be reconciled with its Creator. My Father is patient, He is long-suffering and wants for none of His creation to perish. You can not imagine His love for each of you, My children, never ending and deep to eternal depths. Oh how We love you, My children. For now, walk in the truth of this love, until it is clearly seen by all those around you. It is a simple and uncomplicated love and there is no secret one needs to attain it, only the true and simple Gospel.


Posted on March 24, 2015

My daughter, I share with you a message. — Your fruit has been much and ripe and juicy to, job well done, My daughter. Now is the time to rest in Me and gather much needed strength for what lies ahead. My profits and messengers will have a difficult job to do bringing in the end time harvest. For several weeks now I want most of My servants resting in Me, reading My Word, worshipping Me, fasting and praying and gaining strength from Me. Any thoughts of the things of this world should be fleeting. Now is the time of receiving from Me your wings to FLY. A new mental toughness that will come from the Holy Spirit within My chosen. As evil is released, so will a new anointing be released into My chosen — the keys, NO FEAR and NO FRUSTRATION, just love. For in the knowledge of what awaits you in the heavens when your journey ends, you will find strength to operate in My complete will for you. My daughter, during this time, remain in prayer for the lost and the backslidden and do not neglect to pray for your family members and friends. The scope of the jobs that I have for My bride will increase greatly soon, My child, and you have been all groomed and prepared for the things you will face. Have NO FEAR, for I have put you exactly where I want you in spirit so you will be mentally prepared to remain peace-filled and calm. You will be able to teach the lost and restore the backslidden. The next several days of rest are imperative My daughter, so do not walk away from your duties of resting in Me. Your family duties and resting in Me should be your focus My love, until I give you your next assignment.

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