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Instructions for The Great Harvest – The Messenger / roegger

Instructions for The Great Harvest

June 30, 2021 3:00 PM
The Messenger

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Received Monday June 28th 2021 Throughout The Day

My son please take these notes, words and instructions from Your Holy Father Who Art In Heaven. My children many have , all have had many questions that none can answer and this is true. For My messengers, watchmen and prophets all prophesize in parts , pieces, and not all pieces to the End Time are known , rest assured My ones it will all fall into place very shortly. My children soon the daylight switches to night and ONLY My anointed can and will work. Since this year is almost half over the night time portion shall fall, evilness shall fall from the sky, is it not apparent now . My children who are worthy, you have sensed changes in you, Especially My Holy Spirit, your anointing is almost complete. Some I have asked only to drink water, for this is a purification process. In a short time you will be transformed, and then you will truly understand , you will truly know. You will gain a peace like never before, My voice will get louder and crystal clear. You will hear me even more so than , Jesus The Christ. It will be in your mind, head, heart, spirit and ear. There will be no doubt to this , you finally know you are worthy .Many shall see this , for it is My hope that this wakes the ones asleep up. After all this happens, I will send My son YASHUA HAMASHIACH, The Anointed Christ to pull you out of this world . Many have no clue, how , where, what, and why MY GREAT HARVEST shall work, and none of you truly know , only your God. Upon all this you will be taken for further instruction and training where nearly all will need. My anointed ones these doing MY GREAT HARVEST, this will be a rewarding challenge as well as heartbreaking. Make no mistake about all of it, the enemy will try everything to stop you , which will have no effect on you, for My hand of protection will be upon you. You, my worthy ones who have obeyed My voice will gain more insight into all,, everything, even My words. Some of My harvesters will harvest, while others will do My will and My will alone , doing things only dreamt of. My ones enjoy all of it!!! it will be a reward that no one will ever get ever again.

My brides who are worthy, does not My word in Matthew talk about My vineyard and laborers, does it not talk about certain hours of the day and their pay. The last shall be first and first shall be last . Children , this is MY GREAT HARVEST do you think I would just send you into MY FIELDS without proper training. Please think My children, there are many things that you must figure out how to use ,and what to do, starting with your anointing and gifts . Once I activate these, it is not too long after MY HARVEST starts. Do you think you can master all gifts given to you in such a short time? , NO !!! . My anointed brides get prepared, soon this will all transpire and start. Please start writing letters to love ones, if you desire to tell them what will transpire, please My children time is so short .
end of message. I love you. Your Holy God The Father.
The messenger


Received Tuesday June 29th 2021 around 4:00 Pm

My son please write all these words down. My children much is coming are you ready? , a few are, but most, I speak and say it, that most are not ready to meet My Son, Jesus the Christ. My children how many times do I have to say it, I say repent and most shrug it off thinking why do I need to repent I believe in Jesus , his blood covers us . My children satan’s doctrines will cost you, your place with me here in heaven. Most truly have no clue, most think heaven is the same as eternal life which is incorrect. My ones, most think that, Jesus’s blood covers our sins so we can see the father. Again this is all incorrect, most are deceived by man’s teachings and have lulled you to sleep. My children time is up, it is now at hand. My son is , beyond at the door , he is about ready to go thru it . My children the worthy ones over the past few months I have been sending more of My Holy Spirit to you . My spirit has been preparing you for what is about ready to transpire. This past week I have called your names and asked you to say here and if you are ready, all that I have commanded this to, all have done it. I also in one way or another have given My officers their ranks in MY END TIME ARMY even promoting some!!!. . My children, time is at hand, you now see more than ever, messages about MY END TIME ARMY and your names to be called. Many and I will say most, have had numerous questions about everything and soon all your questions will be answered. In one way or another you have noticed that you have been in some form of informal training and most truly do not understand, but oh soon enough you will. My children most will need a lot more training, most are confused about everything because most have relied on man’s teachings not God , It is those only who have come out of it. Children do not get slack and relax we have much work to do and much gathering of souls for MY GREAT HARVEST. My children who are the 144000 ? Is that an exact number or a representation of My first fruits. My ones , are they virgins because they slept with no man nor woman or because they have no, none belief, in man’s doctrines in satan’s teachings. These are the ones with only My Holy Spirit teaching them, only me and no one else.,they only believe in and on My word and My voice . Again why did My son say in the last days let no man deceive you!!!. My children, if you are spotless and blameless in front of me, is it because you committed no sin or and I say it again, are totally and I mean totally repentive at every second of the day, these are the ones who have forgiven and confessed all to me. My children you again let man dictate everything, thru people , satan has set up Doctrines of men, that have been passed down generations to generations, where do you think they came from? My children time is at hand and most have all these preconceived taught lies about end time. How it is suppose to go without ever asking Me or My son what will happen. Children get ready,, with that line of thought and thinking you surely will wind up in the lake of fire. I love all My children but all are not ready to be where I am at, all are not ready for My end time army, all are even not ready for eternal life only those who have made themselves ready to truly meet My Chosen One Jesus the Christ.

Soon and I will say sooner than most would think, New York City will be attacked and everything will start. The whole end time, the words that have been preached and spoken and written in My words. Soon instructions will be downloaded into your spirit, your mind and soul , these instructions are for you and you alone, nor all of any have the same instructions that I will give. Some of the people of My chosen ones I have already done this as well as trained them on a personal level. My children they have been doing this for a long , long time. Those who I have not trained personally My children, how am I suppose to turn you loose into My harvest with no real training , please answer that . My children seek it out, it is there, it always has been, just read My Holy Words .

My anointed brides you should be feeling your anointing to start to kick in , sooner than you think, than many things will start to manifest. Many of the gifts with your anointing. Each anointing is different they are for My purposes, that is why you will have them. Not every of My worthy bride will be doing the same things, some will be just harvesters, and some will be doing that, as well,along with other purposes, according to My will and My will alone. Some may be called for protection of other brides while some maybe doing more healing, it all depends on my will, how I want My glory to be shown. Some maybe called to do many things while others maybe called to be My voice, and My voice alone, it all depends on My will and My will alone. My brides this is MY GREAT HARVEST, many, many many souls you will bring forth to My chosen one My son Jesus the Christ . You are in this position because you are truly one of My own, your heart is found right with your FATHER IN HEAVEN and that is me. My children those who have been with me awhile I thank you for all that you have done and likewise for all the ones who have just recently been awoke . Does not My word say this, the last will be first and first shall be last in the book of Matthew. I the father of heaven have found their hearts clean and right with your God. That is why also, you all, have been chosen, it does not matter, 30 years of service to the kingdom or a day. I am looking at your heart being right with me and My will it is one of the biggest parts.

My children most of all , MY CHURCH has been deceived, I am tired of My church being deceived, tired of MY FLOCK BEING LED ASTRAY. This is yet another reason and My words coming to pass that judgements shall and must fall soon. So soon that most hearts will utterly melt because they were not prepared to meet your God, My Son Jesus The Christ. I say to My worthy ones, you are ready and already know that you can and will stand in front of My Son The Anointed One. The unworthy ones, will have to be purified, cleansed and made ready. You were warned and never heeded them the warnings. To all My children get ready for it is now here, My judgements to start on America, Mystery Babylon and the world. When you start to see everything that My servant Jeff Byerly has posted about The Fiery Kickoff Event, you will know it is the start of the End .

End of message


The messenger

Scriptures I was given:

Jas 3:7 For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind:

Jas 3:8 But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

Mat 20:7 They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.

Mat 22:15 Then went the Pharisees, and took counsel how they might entangle him in his talk.

Please read who scriptures pertaining to these in the chapters.

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