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Insanity Has Reached New Levels

August 15, 2020 10:07 AM

Recently I was at a popular tourist destination. A mother bought her little girl a big bag of popcorn. The little girl was so happy at that moment, that she took her facemask off and started kissing her bag of popcorn with pure joy. Upon seeing this however, the mother panicked and screamed, “never take your mask off again!”

The mother put the mask back on the little girl and cinched it behind her head very tightly. Then she grabbed the little girl’s wrist and slapped her on the hand very hard. Then in the ultimate act of insanity, she pulled out a spray bottle of sanitizer, told the little girl to close her eyes and proceeded to spray the heck out of her mask-covered face.

This all happened in the middle of a crowded area and the little girl looked around at everyone ashamed and fearful. No one said anything to the mother.

As I looked around at everyone they went on like nothing happened. Their faces were just as ashamed and fearful as the little girl.

I can now see that the devil has everyone under a bewitching spirit of fear. People no longer question anything. They just mindlessly do what they are told. This must be from years of eating GMO foods, drinking fluoridated, atrazined water, and letting our smart phones and smart televisions do our thinking for us.

In closing, I heard a story about a man who walked into a business without a facemask on and the store owner said he would only allow it if the man had a medical condition. The man said he in fact did.

The store owner asked what the medical condition was and the man replied, “I have C.S.”

The store owner thought about it and asked the man, “What is C.S.?”

The man replied, “Common Sense.”


God bless us all in these days. We need His help.




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