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Injections & Tsunami Dream – Anonymous

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Injections & Tsunami Dream

October 21, 2022 12:55 PM

Hi, I stumbled upon your website and thought this might be a place to share some things that I believe The Lord has shown me. I’m nobody special, do not have a ministry or platform and have for many years have wondered why The Lord was showing me and how to share them since they seem to be prophetic, timely, and often warnings. Here’s a dream I had maybe twice a year for several years… exactly the same each time.

In the 1980’s (as best as I can recall) I began having a recurring dream, maybe twice a year for several years (as best as I can recall). I forgot about it until last March. I was reading about the vaccine mandates across the world when I suddenly remembered the dream, went through my old journal entries and found it. For years I struggled to understand it to no avail, and decided it must be symbolic as I could not conceive of a literal interpretation, though I knew it was prophetic. Now I see that it was in fact mostly literal. I would like to share it because while part of the dream has occurred, part has not yet, but in keeping with a literal interpretation, the remaining part may be imminent…

Thanks. Perhaps this will be a confirmation to someone. May God give us discernment.

Recurring dream from the 1980’s…

I am on a warm, sunny beach littered with sunbathers sleeping in the sand. I glance out to sea and notice a smudge on the horizon. At first I think it is haze but as I continue gazing at the smudge, a sense of alarm begins to grow within me. I keep staring at the smudge, trying to understand why it frightens me. To my horror, I realize it is a tsunami barreling towards the shore.
Turning back, I look at the sleeping people with growing alarm. I begin to cry out to them to get up and flee. But no one seems to hear me! Again and again I cry out, trying to wake them. Running now, back and forth, reaching down to shake first one, then another, I am frantic. “Wake up!” I cry, but it is as if they are in a drugged stupor and can’t hear me.

Slightly behind me, to my left, I notice some movement. I turn to see a small group of hazy figures–men dressed darkly and shrouded by a sort of beach fog are moving from person to person laying on the beach, injecting them with something. As I watch in horror, they see me and run after me, trying to force me down and inject me, too. I struggle and scream with all my might knowing that the wave is so close. Miraculously, I am able to wrestle myself away from them and run. Glancing back over my shoulder, I see the wave, taller than a building. Horrified, and in desperation I reach down and grab a young woman laying on the sand nearest me and with sheer adrenaline, manage to drag her off of the beach, up a hill and into a house.
The house has a wall of windows facing the ocean that goes up two stories. As I drop her on the floor, she suddenly wakens and stands up next to me just as the giant wave surges over the house. We stare unbelievably through the windows into the ocean. The windows do not break and the house stands. Then, we hear, “The Name of The Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run in and are safe”.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos & Pixabay


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