Infil-Traitors – 278pikelk

Infil-Traitors – 278pikelk

Published 9/30/18


My Daughter, write My Words and share them with My end-time army.

My Daughter, too many focus on My timing, and remove their focus from Me. Prophet coming against prophet, messenger coming against messenger, saint against saint, and servant against servant. My own, divided. A house divided falls, My Loves.

Take a step back and look upon only yourself. See what I am doing on your life, and focus on the ways that I am working within it. Focus on us. All, all things will work together for the good of those that love Me. I’ve set My straight and easy path before each of My own. Yet, many believe My path is difficult or unattainable. This is not true, My Children, for I make the impossible possible and turn darkness into light, for when My own wrestle against the principalities of darkness, My own will be victorious.

Psalm 100:3 Know that the LORD is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.

So, it is your choice as to whether you will fall in defeat in the darkness of the enemy, or will you stand in the brightness of My Glory? I have warned against My own coming against one another, and asked My army to unite. Yet, still, I see My own not focusing on their own journey with Me, but focusing on exposing their very own brothers and sisters. Can you not see your fleshy pride at work here? Is it so important that you are right? Is it so important to you that you are willing to create weaknesses in another’s armor? I have warned My own, not everyone will receive My messages the same way, not everyone will interpret My Words the same way. Can you agree to disagree and walk away or will you work in your fleshy pride to expose your own brethren?

I ask all of My Children, now come together in the knowledge that not one among you has all the answers. Do not believe that you will finish the race first by trampling over your own brothers and sisters. By focusing on Me, and building yourselves up within Me, you build up My army, and do not tear it down. As of now, My army is fragmented, too many anxious to prove themselves right at the expense of trampling over their very own teammates. This is not a competition between one another, My Loves. You are a team – each with a different role to play, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. United as one, you can do all things. There is no MVP on My team, but only those willing to come alongside one another in agreement as to who their Coach is.

Make no one afraid to share their own ideals, or you may miss something critical and cause a shadow to be cast within My light. My battle plans have been drawn up for a cohesive army, not an army that is attacking itself. It is important, My Children, that you recognize this: you expose your own weaknesses to the enemy when you come against one another, and fail to lift one another up. I will only go to battle with a cohesive army. I will sit and wait until I see you come together.

There are plenty of attacks on My servants coming directly from the enemy himself. Oh, how he loves when he can recruit one of My own to do his dirty work. Open your eyes, My Children, and recognize those who are speaking from their flesh. Recognize those who speak, not with a humble heart of a servant, but with puffed-up fleshy pride. Those with humble hearts will recognize those putting forth false accusations. Those with humble hearts will not be sucked in by the schemes of the enemy.

Woe to those that are allowing themselves to be used by him. For you are avoiding your own testimony, and you will see My strong arm of protection remain over My own. If you rely on your own perceptions, you will be fooled, so you must rely on Me to show you My truth. Many more are coming forth to attack the ministries of My faithful. This I assure you, but My faithful will press into Me and continue on their work. They will not be swayed by the attacks, even when brought forth by one of Mine who has been misguided. Forgive these, and move on. Pray for those that persecute you, and allow My courage to reign in your heart.

I love you, My Children.

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