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Independence Day from Sin and Satan. Where is Your Heart? – LynL

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Independence Day from Sin and Satan. Where is Your Heart?

July 4, 2023 4:20 PM


The heart is one of the most important organs in your body. It is how I gauge who you are and what you have learned while on Earth. It is a compass to me of your character, love and compassion. I can see when your heart is in need of repair, when it is sick and when it needs to change directions in life.
Your heart is my GPS to your soul. As you go thru life some fine tune their hearts to match mine and come into harmony with me. They get closer and closer to the Kingdom of God as they are doers of the word. Then there are my children who never try to better themselves and do what the flesh leads them to do. These children need to recalibrate their souls with a major reset.

To reset your soul takes repentance, prayer, reading or hearing of my word (I Am my word), and staying away from all sins. Yes, it does take effort but is necessary if you wish to join me in Heaven. Sin must be left behind. Sin is that chain that keeps you on Earth, weighing you down. Each time you repent, and mean it, chains are broken and fall away. It is up to you to get out of your prison (sin). I wait for you to bust thru each and every chain, so your soul becomes light and enlightened.
Your Father in Heaven

Weights that effect your soul-
Each weight that chains you to this Earth, keeps your soul from advancing. These weights (sins) are Lust, lying, cheating, fornication, unforgiveness, killing, covetousness, pride, arrogance, stealing, anything that ruins the temple of God (your body) among others. The enemy wishes for you stay in these sins. While in these sins, he has control over your body which affects your soul.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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