In Your Challenges and Hardship – Cheryl Adama

In Your Challenges and Hardship

Aug 28, 2019
Cheryl Adama

Everything on earth, all its doings and happenings, are not far from My view.  I see and know everything!  Understand that all things that concern you, I too know.  I not only know but I am involved in working in you for My good pleasure – in all your circumstances.  A life that is open to Me, who holds no walls up – and seeks My face in all things – this life will have My own hand upon them!   My desire is to do well for you, for this is My own pleasure.  So, all that is bad and seemingly against You, look at it through this way I tell You.  Let these things not occupy your mind and thought, instead let our relationship be what occupies you.  That way, you are focused in what I will tell you, in what I bring you and will not miss any opportunity I bring to you.  Many miss what I give to them, and why they remain in their hardships as they do.  They are consumed by what is going on and happening to them in their challenges and circumstances – and do not hear Me in what I am saying and giving to them for their good.  So, I have a great many who shake their fist at Me saying that I am not there for them!  Where in truth, they are not there for Me.   Let not what assails you, or what comes your way to challenge you – become your occupation for you will never overcome whatever it is, but be overcome by it.  Instead, come to Me often and always and seek Me.  Read the scriptures to find Me.  Set time aside daily to pray and seek My face.  Sing to Me always in your heart of the praises that belong to Me.  Always trust that I am not far off, but right beside you, even in You – and will act for you as your defender and protector.  I am your teacher and Master – and in these things, I have plans that I am working in you that will shape and mold you into My own Son.  Let these things you go through, that are hard be what shapes you, not what breaks and defeats you.

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