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February 16, 2022 3:26 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

February 16, 2022 4:00AM

As stated in a recent prophecy, the shift is happening, it is not complete and as I read Mc Kana’s warning to release all prophecies, the Lord told me to review my files for unpublished prophecies, there are several, this one is most urgent.

Sunday September 5, 2021 5:00PM

While trying to complete several words I have received this week from the Lord, He spoke this –

Your phone number is more than your telephone number, the way you have always perceived it. In the past, it was a way to have a more intimate connection with the world, particularly those around you.

As the world become complex it was a way to keep those who moved from the farms to the city still close to family and dear friends. Increasing it became a way for others not so connected to each other to establish a relationship. Men began calling on young ladies directly instead of asking permission from the father to start courting his daughter. Women reached out to friends of friends to participate in fundraising and reach out for social events. Men could reach out to business contacts to sell their products or to buy products without the inefficiencies of walking or driving distances to do business.

As time wore on, people relied on it to let potential employers how to make a job offer or to call when they couldn’t come to work. People used it to harass others into paying bills or buying things they didn’t want or needed.

Now, people use it so they don’t have to be social. They can avoid speaking by writing a sentence or two to tell someone, where they are or when they will return. They can tell someone they never want to see or speak to them again, without any sensitivity toward another’s feelings. They can quit a job or a marriage without giving a reason.

They can disengage by watching a concert, playing a game or learning to cook all by a few taps.

It has increasing become an extension of them without any concern on the part of nearly all. Though they have been warned that their habits, activities and thoughts are all recorded by anyone, who is clever enough to put tracking technology on their phones, laptops or computers, so many shrug and say that they don’t care, they aren’t that interesting.

Children, you fail to realize that AI monitors every tap, every visit, every conversation and every physical location. It has for decades, it is increasingly spying and learning new things about you with each key stroke and call. With machine learning (another way of describing its capabilities in a comforting way), it has become more intimate and knowledgable about you than any human on earth! It knows almost as much as I do.

This knowledge is being used by the enemy to stalk you in a way that your human brain does not truly understand its depth nor applications! Through the advances in technology that you are not even privy to, you have become connected to a system that is so vast and complex that the human mind could not even imagine nor create!

Yet, those who are part of the corruption, that appear as human but are not, are further fine-tuning this to control your entire being. It will eventually control your thoughts, your inhalations, your organ activities and yes, even your respirations and heart rhythm.

If it can control it, it can stop it! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Your actions are allowing total intrusion by these beings!

I warned you again and again through my prophet as far back as spring last year and particularly in the three messages she posted about the vaccine being part of this technology in July 2020 but so many totally ignored or dismissed it. Even after a person posting as Faramir commented on her first post, that everything she posted regarding what I spoke was accurate!

She stated she didn’t understand anything about AI and just as my son, John when he received the Revelation described unknown things two thousand years ago, which you now see operating across the world were accurate, so are these words about the nano technologies being injected into the bodies of the complicit and complacent.

Your body will be insync with the telephone (even down to you being identified by these systems as “YOUR NUMBER”). Them using that terminology was a way to identify their plans, mocking you because you failed to realize their true intentions!

Watch and listen! Pay attention to their plans and deeds. This is part of their web! They are the spiders and your are their prey!

Do not submit. Do not acquiese. Do not surrender! You were created by me to have every breathe controlled by me! I set the times and the seasons!

You can walk in their world under their scrutiny and control or you can live in mine! There is no third choice! I AM the Lord thy God. Reject me and then comes a time where there is a point of no return. Now is a season of repentance but it is nearly over. You must make your choice. Make it now!


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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