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In the Belly of the Beast – Terry Crockett

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In the Belly of the Beast

February 13, 2023 2:28 PM
Terry Crockett

this message I received today.

A day stands before you, deep and rich with Devine things. Who is ready for the day to come but a man rich in knowledge.

Who have I informed of the coming collapse of the dollar, banks confiscating the people’s savings ( the collapse of the banking system), ships at sea bent toward war, leaders falling or a great beast from the sea with long tentacles engulfing the world.

My Word proving true at its propter time taking on flesh fulling its purpose in the Earth.

Today, let it be known, I bring TRUTH and knowledge to your front door, events occurring prior to My return.

America, America, a beast has seized your heart and soul trying to devour its origin (built upon God). But this thing devoured by the beast — speak’s, You shall vomit the thing you have eaten, for it now becomes ‘alive’ within you. For Wisdom has entrapped the hunter, destroying you from the inside out.

Did not Jonah dwell in the belly of the whale for 3 days and nights in utter darkness? Being led astray, Jonah was captured and brought under judgment giving him time to think and repent. So also, America, you will be eaten and enter into the belly of darkness given time to reflect and repent of your misdeeds and waywardness. As the beast swallows the soul of America and the whale swallowed Jonah, the Lord has His way in the belly of the beast.

For in great darkness, My Light shines bringing clarity and repentance. I control both the beast and the whale. Neither is the ‘end’ but a turning point of the repentant heart.

In the belly of the beast, in all appearances, when utter darkness consumes America, a transformation will be underway and an awakening begins to how far you’ve fallen by opening the door to the dragon. Men will awaken, seeing their rebellion and call upon on God’s Mercy with repentant hearts.

At the “sound of men’s souls”, God is moved to act and deliver. Men will sense His Presence in the belly as rumblings and Holy Vibrations begin to shake their surroundings. Their deliverance is underway as the beast vomits what he has engulfed.

America covered in slime, God begins to wipe away any evidence of judgment dressing her in fine linen garments from the Master. Holy days ascribed as America is brought to the King’s side in His Glory.

The “End has come” with the fulness of Christ filling all in all.


Thank you,
Terry Crockett


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