In My Footsteps + Love Me Above All – Sarah

In My Footsteps + Love Me Above All

October 8, 2023 8:42 AM

Given: 10-1-23 7 am

Vision: In a field covered with 2 feet of snow, there are large footprints of a Father as He walked before his little child. The little child carefully steps into each indented footprint in order to navigate through the deep snow. The child’s hand is held by his Father’s right hand… (end)

My precious child, my creation.

Do you love any of My created things more than you love Me?

YOU are My creation too, says your Potter. I formed you. All of My creation are wonderous works from the Words of My Mouth.

The Creator’s Thoughts and Ways are higher than the thoughts and ways of what He creates… you understand this with things you create. What you make is not greater than you. It cannot think your thoughts or grasp the vastness of your ways.

Do you love yourself more than you love Me? Do you trust in your own thoughts, ways, and understanding? Do you trust that I know what I am doing in your life, pruning you through fiery trials, growing your faith in Me through difficult situations, teaching you how to be My child of My Kingdom… I use all for My purposes, do you trust Me in this? If not, ask Me to grow your faith and show you in Word what My will for you is. I have a purpose for you, for everything – everything in your life is what I am using to mature you and sanctify you. I want you to worship Me in Spirit and Truth – and when I make My abode in people, My Spirit will teach them if they ask Me to.

Again, I ask you – My precious created-on-purpose child – do you love any of My created things, people, etc. more than you love Me? Come to Me and let Me examine your heart. Let Me give you a clean heart and a right spirit within you… Do you believe that only I know My intent for you – no human knows it…

My love for you is evident in My Word. By My Holy Word, flowing out of My Heart, I Am Love only… I created all that exists that is good, righteous, just. I sent My Word made flesh to change you from a vessel clay pot of dishonor into a new creation: because of the shed Blood of My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you can be a vessel of honor…through which, in My Son, I am glorified.

My will is that you know Me. My vessels do what their Lord Jesus Christ (My Word) has told them/tells them to do, with My help. Abiding in Word, with Me holding you with My Righteous Right Hand, you will endure, overcome, give Me glory forever and have all the benefits that the children of My Kingdom receive.

Draw near to Me, seek Me. Ask Me for My wisdom and understanding – admit that you have no wisdom or understanding of your carnal self or from the world. Only Word is Bread that sustains you, apart from Me you can do nothing.

I want you to see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living, so you will bless the Lord while you live. If you obey My Son as your Lord, and do what He said to be His disciple and continue to seek Me – pray without ceasing, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs that I will put into your heart if you ask Me according to Word. Set your mind and love on Me. Commit all your ways to Me and I will direct your steps on the way that I will make straight before you and light with the lamp of My Word. Follow in My footsteps My precious one! Let my children turn from sin and any love for darkness that they still wrestle with.

Love Me with all that is you. With My Love, love and care for others with what I say love is: kindness, humility, prefer others and take the wrong, forgive and also depart from those I tell you to… ask Me to grow My fruit in you, for with My fruit I love others through you. There is no law against My fruit: even the ungodly understand this.

Separate from the world… the tares will be harvested first. Ask Me to help you let go of the love for this world and all the things and people in it that I created. Look to Me, Creator of Heaven and Earth, YOUR Creator! I know how to preserve you, so ask of Me, sit at My feet and ask Me to teach You Truth…and to give you a love for My Word. I can give this to you.

Ask, seek, knock. I will answer you. Do this now while I may be found. Follow in My Footsteps and ask Me to hold your hand and lead you.

I love you.

I am Your First Love. Call to Me and I will answer you.

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