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Important Message: Prepare Yourself – Reinhard Hirtler

Important Message: Prepare Yourself

March 23, 2020 8:39:45 PM
Reinhard Hirtler

Reinhard Hirtler, who received prophecy from God for 2020 and in his death experience / near-death experience met Jesus in heaven and now gives us an urgent message about the coronavirus.

Reinhard Hirtler is Austrian and travels all over the world, helping among others the poor in South America.

By Reinhard Hirtler, he shared the word in mid-March 2020. but partly already in February

Hi, guys,

I spent time with Jesus this morning and I did not think about the coronavirus nor pray for it. I just spent time with Jesus. And suddenly the Lord starts talking to me about the coronavirus.
In fact he showed me a very clear vision. Here is what I believe the Lord has shown me. Feel free to accept or reject it.

I have seen the Coronavirus and demons have ridden on the back of the Coronavirus. And I have seen that this is part of the manifestation of evil that will be released before Christ returns.
A lot of evil is released before Christ returns. It’s all part of the final time. But then I saw another vision which was very strong.
I saw that the demons who rode the Corona virus were very small and powerless demons. They actually had no authority over any child of God. But then I saw much bigger demons. They were almost principalities – really big. And these demons started taking control of the airways. And they started to take control over the acoustic waves and the airways.
They started to spread something that was much more evil than the corona virus.

That was the fear of the coronavirus.

And they started taking control of the social media and all these electronic waves. And through those waves they started spreading a huge spirit of fear.
This spirit of fear has started to take over people’s hearts. And I have also seen that many Christians have opened their hearts to the spirit of fear.
When they opened their hearts to fear, it was the little demons that rode the virus that found a way into the hearts of the Christians. And they have started to enter the bodies of many others. And then the Lord showed me that this is related to the passage in Matthew. (I think it is in Matthew) Where the Bible talks about the last days and the bad times to come. And there it says: “The hearts of men will fail for fear.

It is fear that destroys the hearts of men – not the coronavirus. Now you may say: But Reinhard, the coronavirus is to be taken seriously and is dangerous. No.

Fear is dangerous. Why? Where do you want to hide from the virus? In your house? Or do you want to hide in Christ?

If you take refuge in Christ, there is no virus that can kill you.
But if you hide in your house it is fear that pierces your heart and then anything can kill you. So please listen to me.

Close your heart to these powers and principalities. I saw them clearly. What is happening today through the media we cannot call “neutral information”, dark forces are taking control of air and acoustic waves to penetrate people’s hearts.
So stop listening to everything the media tells you!

Close your heart to this garbage. Spend time with Jesus. Open your heart to him.
Live by faith. Fear is U.N. Faith. Just as faith works in the positive, fear works in the negative.

You believe in the negative and what you believe will happen.
But we are hidden in Christ.

Father I thank you, in Jesus name I release this message of faith over the whole world. This message that reveals what is happening in the spiritual world and what the evil plans are.
I release this message that it should go over the air waves to all ends of the world.
That this message shall reach thousands and thousands of people.
And I ask God that He sends His angels to carry this message in all four directions. And they are to carry the prophetic truth everywhere, so that the lies of the devil may be destroyed.
Yaay. JESUS. ❤ 🔥

Prophecy from the beginning of 2019 Reinhard Hirtler:

Prepare yourself.
I invite you to prepare yourself. There is a time coming now in Europe where many people in Europe will be afraid. Many things will be shaken in the next 18 months. There will be many terrible news. Many lives will be shaken. *People’s hearts will be afraid, they will have no hope for the future.

Tell my people to prepare themselves.
This is your moment. Shine bright. This is your time to show my glory through my people.

Let my hope come to the people. My people need me. Let my people prepare. It is a time in which the Scripture (Bible) will be fulfilled.
It will shake what can be shaken – so that all may see: my kingdom is not shaken.

My people in Europe should prepare themselves for it.
I will unite my people with the same heart that has me at heart. Wrong service, own service will fall.
My own lives will also fall.

Jesus loves this continent.
I see what humanism has destroyed. I see the destruction through demonic teaching. I have heard the cry of many people who have no hope.
I will do something that Europe has not yet seen.

My people should be there ! Prepare yourselves for what I will do in Europe ! Do not build your own service ! Do not pursue your own agenda ! My time is now !

Unite yourself with my heart and my mind.
Many of you are disappointed in people. Put your trust not in people, but in me ! Come back to the source. With me there is hope. Do not be afraid because of the upheavals.
I’ll allow it in the politics of Europe!
Corruption is exposed in the EU! I will make public what has been said in secret!
All this has its purpose to prepare Europe for Jesus.
Therefore: I call my people – prepare yourself!
Unite your heart with mine !
The following will happen in the coming weeks:
I will set free a new spirit of intercession among my people for Europe ! Let them seek my heart and they will weep my tears. My spirit will awaken my children to pray with me.
I will supernaturally network my people on this continent.
Not through great conferences, not through great speakers, not through human power, but through my Spirit.

The ears have to hear, will hear. It is a joining of hearts. They will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
But there are also those who do not hear and continue to pursue their own agenda. They will say it is from the Lord, but it will be by their own power. It will be lifeless.

I am connecting my people supernaturally, through my spirit.
Unknown people will rise up who are completely unknown, and famous people will be history. They will have fought by their own power.

Many of my children will have many prophetic dreams in the coming months.
These dreams will be many pieces of a puzzle. They are sharing their dreams – from this a wonderful picture emerges, suddenly everything makes sense.
Not one man has the picture, but when my children gather their dreams together !

People stand up who have the gift to interpret the dreams.
Jesus will reawaken this gift.
Your hearts will be inflamed anew by Jesus. It will be a wonderful image:
Christ being exalted over Europe.

But, I remind you: you must prepare yourselves.

Your heart must unite with Jesus’ heart. Don’t say, please bless my work. But call out from the depths of your heart: Your Kingdom come!
My kingdom will come!
Those who share my heart will be powerful!
There is a great change in Christianity in Europe! No one can stop this change!
Jesus cried so many tears over Europe, over these countries, over this continent.
All those who became famous by their own efforts, great leaders, will be deposed, overthrown. Those who built towers and wrote their name on them will soon become unimportant.
But those who have built a shrine in their hearts for ME, they will be significant. Because I love to have a place to live – to be welcome from the heart.

Translated with (free version)

A Christian woman wrote me this today:

Everything revolves around the virus, which is also there, but it is not the problem, it is G5. We’re being deceived,

I see how politicians, business leaders and the people are being fooled, literally, by powers and authorities. These are not just any demons, they are already bad, but powers and authorities are of a different calibre. No legal, worldly regulation is of any use to us here, but spiritual precautions must be taken. And that is exactly where the problem lies with us Christians.
What is in the visible has its origin in the invisible! And that is where the real problem begins for many Christians. The invisible can only be fought with the instruction of the Holy Spirit, but not with the mind. And exactly there is the next problem, the Christians hear, see and or do not even perceive what is in the spiritual world. world is going on. You see what is going on at CsC, very few are led by the Holy Spirit, but only by the mind. And with reason you cannot fight the invisible demonic. If that was the case, we didn’t need God 😉

Most of them didn’t understand what it means to fight spiritually and they don’t want to because it’s exhausting and because they have to shoot.

What I see or have seen in the spirit was always confirmed to me by God at some point. And since I am Jan, the confirmations do not take long to come.

To come back to the present situation again, the enemy does not only have the unbelievers fully under control, but also many Christians. Everything revolves around the virus, but they still don’t want G5 to be true. And if they pray for the virus, the enemy is happy because the problem is different. Apart from G5, there is also the economic collapse, which was initiated by the enemy through the virus.

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  1. Catherine

    The churches in Europe like everywhere were total surprised and taken over through the situation of the coronavirus. So many “prophets” came and go in the last 30 years but the church was and is totally unprepared. They closed their doors to the prophets of God, so the judgement came.
    Personally I bind the spirit of death behind the coronavirus and today they wrote in the newspaper of Switzerland, that the number of the infected people is decreased. I’m asking God to give us a small pause, so people can repent, if they don’t do, the next virus or other catastrophe will be stronger. The people smelled now a little, how quickly everything can be down and destroyed.
    I preached many years about the Endtime in the streets, in the last days I can’t do anything because people musst be inside but I hope and pray for a small pause, so I can warn more and then the next judgement comes….

  2. McKana

    Good news!
    A wonderful miracle of the Lord.
    Yesterday, I accidentally listened to the briefing of the WH and came to learn that this current evil of the devil can’t touch children below 15(only one case in China). The truth, we have to ascertain for ourselves but I know for sure and the scripture is clear about the love of the Lord for little children. Corona virus can’t infect children below 15 is the wonderful miracle of the Lord..
    Children are first to go before the heavy calamities strike and now the Lord protecting children from this evil work of the enemy is a miracle for all to see.
    I trust my Lord and the Lord telling the devil “you can’t touch my little ones” is humbling good news for all who love the Lord. What ever they want to say, let them, for us this is our Lord doing wonders. For sure the Lord preserves the simple. Believe what you see.

    Psalm 116 (KJV)
    5 Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; yea, our God is merciful.
    6 The Lord preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me.
    Matthew 19:14 (KJV)
    But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

    Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is, first and foremost, for the children and the Lord protects those He love. and those with clean pure heart.

  3. McKana

    To be precise, even if there is infection, the severity is much less and there’s a handful that require more aggressive therapy. As far as the mortality goes, according to the reported data, there is one 14 year old in China.

  4. Catherine

    The children are innocent but the older generation legalized the abortion, the drugs, the sexual perversion, etc. the children are the victims.

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