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Imminent Terrorism: Many have warned and It is true

October 16, 2023 10:38 PM

October 16, 2023

2 Corinthians 13:1(KJV)
In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

The Good Lord has given us more than sufficient warnings regarding what is to unfold soon. One of them which need immediate attention is terrorism.
The breading ground of terrorism is disturbed like the hive of wasps to go in to rampage and inflict unseen damage in life, alter the way of life of the society and disable the functionality of the system and governments. The people have to watch everything but the evil strikes in an unsuspected areas, localities, cities centers and cities. Undercover and chameleon character is the means of disguise of the evil. 9/11 and many in our resent past are good examples. Their goal is to inflict as much damage and destruction. Maximum effort to eliminate and minimize the damage the enemy brings is a must. The primary effort has to be to inform, warn, prepare for preemptive measures and to be ready and stay alert for any eventuality.
Decades before the utterly evil against society came to establish itself, there were many prophetic warnings given by the Lord through His loyal servants. Just to mention few:-

I. Warning as Early as 1990.
The Lord has warned the people through His loyal messengers much earlier as the 1990s.
This is what is given to the “Jewish Prophet”
“Iran will be a problem in the future.—-
The invasionofislam outlined as given by the Lord.
1990 vision-A religion coming to this country, That will grow to greater number, quickly become the fastest growingreligion in America.
-A foothold acquired by themilitants. One day cause greater harm to America.
-Many Americans will join theirreligion and eventually come against America.
‘The cells are in the cities and the Nuclear devises are in these cities. They are here, it is going to happen”
Regarding this topic-Listen Time point 13:50-16:50
Jewish Prophet Warns Christians to Flee America Now!!! Scriptural Maturity

II. Warning In 2005.
“There shall be 5 terrorist attacks that will hit America in ever increasing destruction upon the major cities.
(New York Judgments) One will shake the entire financial world and cripple the once invincible financial power of America. Millions will lose everything in a moment. It will make the crash of the stock market in 1929 look like a little thing in comparison. America will no longer be the financial leader of the world.”
Given To Maurice Sklar In 2005

III-Warning Just last week-#1
These are the two resent warnings from last week, Chris Reed’s is posted here.
MSJN Special Alert: Israel At War With Terrorism

IV-Warning Just last week-#2
And sister Liberty’s is on Youtube for all to see.
The Lord Told Me 10 Cities Are Going To Be Attacked

Precisely from two of the above prophecies, II and IV, there will be five major terrorist attacks in the US. We have heard the states where their cells are located. At least one city NY is known to suffer a major attack to bring a meltdown of the Economic system like never before which leads America to be no longer the financial leader of the world.
You are warned!!! This is one of the many coming “Storms.” America goes, so does the world.

Repent, Repent, Repent.


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