“I’m sorry, but you’re going to die.” – Snow White


“I’m sorry, but you’re going to die.”

The pit – Fire, lava, and blindness

October 5, 2020 12:02 PM
Snow White

Received August 31, 2019

This is what happened in my dream:

I was off to the west of the city (my hometown).
I saw glowing red off in the distance, fire/smoke.
I knew I had to go back and save my family.
I was in an old SUV.
I got to my home, and I opened the front door and stepped inside.

As soon as I stepped inside, the earth in front of the house just started collapsing in on itself and breaking away. There was lava and fire. The ledge was at the doorstep and the ground went straight down. I held onto the door frame as I watched the earth break apart and fall into the pit of lava, which was like a river of fire that was fed by the collapsing pieces of the earth.

I turned around and ran into the house, looking for my grandparents. I found “them” and said, “There’s no time to explain. I need you to come with me right now.” They looked at me and brushed me off, saying that everything was fine. I said, “I’m sorry, but you’re going to die.”

I ran out of the basement door. The ground was hot. I saw cracks in the earth start to spread out like a lightning bolt, and lava started bubbling up. I ran as the ground cracked at my heels. The soles of my shoes were starting to melt. I got up the driveway and started to run down the street. More and more pieces of my shoes were starting to fall off. I ran into the neighbor’s house and there was a family of at least 5, with a few children. I said, “We don’t have time. We need to go now.” I don’t recall if I mentioned what the danger was. They were sitting in front of their TV in a kind of daze, like living dolls. They looked at me and said, “Everything is fine.” They wouldn’t come with me. I said, “I’m sorry, but you’re going to die.”

I ran out of the house and saw that the lava and fire were coming closer. I started running down the street. I saw that to my right, the street below me was flowing with lava. My shoes were gone. I came upon a black SUV. It was fairly modern. It was shiny. I got in the SUV and started the engine. There was smoke, fire, and lava behind me. I took one last look out the window as I backed up and turned the wheel. I started driving down the road and then I woke up.

What stood out to me was that people could not see the destruction happening around them, or if they could, they didn’t care. Their houses were catching fire, burning down around them, and still they could not see. How many people are going to be blindly swallowed up by the pit, unaware of the damnation that awaits them? And how many are going to the pit fully aware?

I had been praying all this time that the Lord would show me what this dream meant, and I only recently received this confirmation:

◄ 5186. tuphloó ►

Strong’s Concordance

tuphloó: to blind, to make blind

Original Word: τυφλόω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: tuphloó
Phonetic Spelling: (toof-lo’-o)
Definition: to blind, to make blind
Usage: I make blind, physically or mentally.

Cognate: 5186 typhlóō (from 5185 /typhlós, derived from 5187 /typhóō, “having a cloudy perspective,” see NAS dictionary) – properly, blowing smoke which causes (spiritual) blindness, i.e. experiencing “clouded vision.” See 5187 (typhoō).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin from tuphlos
Definition to blind, to make blind
NASB Translation blinded (3).

Thayer’s Greek Lexicon

STRONGS NT 5186: τυφλόω

τυφλόω, τυφλῷ: 1 aorist ἐτυφλωσα; perfect τετύφλωκα; from (Pindar and) Herodotus down; to blind, make blind; in the N. T. metaphorically, to blunt the mental discernment, darken the mind: John 12:40; 1 John 2:11; τά νοήματα, 2 Corinthians 4:4 (τήν ψυχήν τυφλωθειην, Plato, Phaedo, p. 99 e.).

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
From tuphlos; to make blind, i.e. (figuratively) to obscure — blind.
see GREEK tuphlos


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