Angel, Word

ILYA – Fred


August 16, 2020

I have lived in California in the Bay Area for over 40 years. I have seen some incredible storms over the years but I have never heard thunder as loud as the thunder that I heard this morning.

This morning at around 5 am it started to thunder. Huge booms. I praised God for the thunder and just felt that this was so different. It felt very special. Then I heard this in my spirit.
I am ILYA. I assist God in bringing the thunder. I knew that it was an Angel.
I had never heard that name before. I challenged him in Christ’s name and felt that he was true. I only heard those words.

I got out of bed and I looked up the name Ilya.
It said Gender male
Meaning. The Lord is My God
Origin variation of Elijah

Praise be unto You Lord Jesus
God bless all of you


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