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I’ll Sum it Up For You in One Word

November 4, 2020 11:58 AM

Last night (11.3.20) I was watching the pendulum swing back and forth in the coverage of the election results. As things started to wind down to a standstill I heard in my spirit this word…’chicanery‘.

chicanery - the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial or legal purpose.

I believe the Holy Spirit was alerting us to the truth of what was really going on. It made me see how Jesus warnings of deception in those days was never truer than at this moment.

Then I received the following message.

There is a great deception taking place in your nation America as regards your Presidential election. The enemy has planned and plotted for months the taking down of your President and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Be warned. Things will get ugly from this point onwards.

Riots will ensue – looting, violence, pillaging and more and this is just the beginning. Like an incendiary device that goes off – these protesters, rioters and terrorists will also go off on violent protests – mobilizing sympathizers into action as city block by city block will be contained and overtaken on the streets. Soon people will be fearful of leaving their abodes, peering out from their windows occasionally to look out as their world crumbles before them. The election results will go before the highest court of the land to be dealt with. But even more pressing will be the civil unrest and growing hatred of the President and his supporters – the christians and conservative voices. Persecution will ramp up and there will be the slow erosion and removal of your freedoms, your Constitution.

Children I have said to prepare for that day for it comes. Remain in Me. Abide in Me for I am your only source of hope in a godless world and generation. Children I come soon. Look for Me upon the clouds of glory upon glory. Soon you will see the Son of Man return to the earth from whence He came.

Amen Amen It Is So

Your Lord and Savior

Yeshua HaMashiach

He Alone Who Saves


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