Prophecy, The Mark

If you take HIS MARK YOU WILL BELONG TO HIM FOR ETERNITY – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

November 21, 2018

Daughter speak theses words to my children. , Let this message travel the earth so all have understanding of the coming events. and no one can say they did not know . The BEASTS time has come.Just as I have prepared for this hour with my chosen, with my watchman, messengers and prophets… gathering together teaching and instructing my army of LIGHT…. The adversary THE BEAST has done the same getting ready his army of DARKNESS. They have been busy preparing the way for him. Everything is in place for planned events to unfold. He will close all of mans worship temples. He will remove all idols of Gods and Saints and replace them with his own IMAGE. He will remove and destroy the book of my WORDS because he knows my WORDS ARE POWER. MY WORDS ARE LIFE his words are death, MY WORDS are TRUTH. his words are LIES. He will rise to power in an unexpected way. . No man has understanding or knowledge of the event . The prototype of his IMAGE has already been made by his servants ..You will be forced to bow and worship the BEAST You will have no choice but to agree to take his MARK or you will face death. MEDITATE ON THESE WORDS I GIVE TO YOU . His army will kill and torture your family if you refuse his MARK. If you take HIS MARK YOU WILL BELONG TO HIM FOR ETERNITY. .Repent now and turn from all sin. READ MY WORDS AND LIVE.


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