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Holy Spirit Wind

If You Only Knew What Was Coming Upon Your World, You Would Spend All Day Seeking Me!


My beloved people, there are many of you who read and hear My warning messages from My watchmen and prophets that are missing My intentions for them. I do not give My messages to My servants to be read and then forgotten. But I tell you that that is what is happening. There are many who read my messages thinking they will be able to predict exactly when they will happen so that they can stay in their sin for as long as possible. These are the foolish virgins and they will not have their lamps full when I come. They will not shine in the gross darkness and there will be no time to buy oil. I tell you now of the horrible things that are coming so that you would draw close to Me. I will be your only shelter, your only protection, your only strength, your only joy and you’re only provision and your only peace in the times that are nearly upon you.

Many of you still do not understand this. Many of you are still not where you need to be, which is in the secret place with me.You need to sit at My feet and listen to Me. I hear many say “Lord I cannot hear your voice!”but I ask you, have you truly sought me with everything that is within you? Have you laid yourself at my feet until you heard my voice? Or did you give up? Did you forsake everything else to seek me? Did you set aside time everyday to be with me? Did you fast? Did you give up things of your flesh that take time away from me?

I tell you if you truly are one of My flock you do hear My voice! I hear you asking even now, “Why can I not hear you then Lord?” I tell you it is because of the cares of the world, the thorns, that choke out My word. You must take the sword of the Spirit and cut these thorns down, that are in your lives. I give you examples of what these things are. Money, food and clothing, jewelry, your dwelling places, automobiles, motorcycles, boats and many other material possessions that you strive for and put before Me. Also things that take your time away from Me like TV, the internet, cell phones, sports, hobbies and pastimes and other frivolous uses of time. Even your family and your ministry can come before time with Me. ANYTHING that is put before time with Me needs to be reprioritized!

Some of you are offended at what I have said but if you only knew what was coming upon your world, you would spend all day seeking Me! Then you would find Me in a powerful way that would change you. This is the way I want you to find me!

Yet there are some of you then they’re saying to yourselves even as you’re reading this, that you’ve heard it all before. And I tell you that is true, you have heard it before! But I ask you again what have you done with what you’ve heard!? If nothing has been done to change your mind and your heart you are the biggest fool in the world! You will be held accountable for everything that you ever read and heard and what you have done with it. Will you be the wicked servant who went and buried what you received? Or will you be the profitable servant that went and multiplied what I gave you? I tell you time is short! Yet some of you would say you’ve heard that before and nothing has happened. Oh but I tell you it will! And that day you know not and I tell no man when it comes! I tell you now to be ready!

I am the Passover Lamb. I tell you eat My flesh and drink My blood or you have no part of Me. And I do not speak of merely taking communion for that is only a symbol. You need to be one with Me or you will be lost! I Must dwell inside of you. You need to be totally filled with My Holy Spirit until you are overflowing, which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Are you? If not ask Me for more!

Ask me now for this and mean it with all your heart and do not give up for you must overcome! The enemy will lie to you, for that is what he does. But you must overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, My blood and by the word of your testimony, which is My word in you and you must not love your life in this world more than you love Me and yes you must be willing to give this life for Me. Remember this life is not your own, I bought you with the price of My own life.

Now you must count the cost of following Me. I require all and nothing less. Do not turn back because those who have put their hand to the plow but turned back are not worthy of Me.

Everything this world has to offer is NOTHING compared to the rewards I have waiting for those who love Me. The choice is yours,you can’t love both!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


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