If You Build Walls I AM Will Tear Them Down – Only a Grain of Sand

If You Build Walls I AM Will Tear Them Down
May 1, 2019
Only A Grain Of Sand

Many of you have constructed barricades against your God. You have closed your hearts to I AM, who knocks on the doors of your souls. Many of you have made walls, against what you know is coming to this world, in your heart-of-hearts. Many of you say it will happen years from now, in another generation, because distraction is your mania.

You refuse to see the signs, that are clearly evident, of a dying civilization, that has elevated lust, war, greed, self absorption, and degeneracy to heights, never seen before, on this earth.

So Be It!

Souls are falling into hell, more numerous than snowflakes that fall, during a driving Winter storm. Still your attention is drawn to magazines, movies, online shopping, chat rooms, social media, gluttony, casual sex, porn, drugs, alcohol, and your ubiquitous cellphones. Many of you will regret, for all eternity, that you never bothered to pray for your families, neighbors, friends, enemies, or intercede, for them, at all.

When the events roll out, your mouths, will drop in horror. Unless you quickly Repent, your God, will leave you to your own devices. See then how you will fare? I AM God Almighty, and have waited patiently, for you stiff-necked human beings, to come to your senses, to the reality of your fallen world. Of a generation without parallel, in the history of this planet.

God The Father, King of Kings & Lord Of Lords

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