If You Are Not Set Apart,…Then You Are NOT READY!!!! – Cornell D’Angelo

Cornell D’Angelo

May 11, 2018

If You Are Not Set Apart,…Then You Are NOT READY!!!!

If You Are
Not Set Apart,
……………………..Then You Are NOT READY!!!!

Nor Are You Prepared or Equipped
For What Is About To Unfold,

That Which Is About To
Be Released In A Measure
Never Seen Since The Beginning!!!

Take This Seriously,

To Be My Captive,
To Be Set Apart

Ye ought think
not too highly of yourselves…

To be My Captive
is to serve
My Will.

To be set apart is to walk the
path that is narrow.

The True Path Followed Is
The One Guided By My Light And Will.

Both Are Mine Alone.

On My Path there is only room for those
who follow My Lead… My Leading.

On My Path there is room for
My Will Alone As
I AM He That Is Lord Alone,
Lord Over All things.

I Light the path according to
The Holy And Sovereign Will of My Father.

His Will Is Final.
His Will Is Absolute.
His Will Is Above all wills.
His Will is not to be challenged.

There is no room for your vanity nor pride.

Your selfish wills have led to
the destruction beyond measure
of The Garden of My Creation…

That Creation I Made that was Good.

For this reason
I have set My Eden apart.

I have posted
My Hosts to guard the entrance.

My Son Is The Way And The Light
unto the path to that Sacred Place.

I Will the return of those I Choose.

They alone may walk with My Son
along that narrow path.

My path requires your
release, renewal and restoration.

No things of the flesh and world
are permitted to enter through My Holy Gate.

To believe that you can walk on
MY Holy Sacred Path
according to your will is an abomination
Before Me And My Throne.

I Did Not Create My Eden
for your sinful flesh.

Remember that it was the sin of the flesh of
My Adam and My Eve that closed
The Gate to My Garden.

Come ye not against
The Rod And Staff Of My Loving Son.

He rebukes those that We love, those
that I have Chosen And Given
My Son in answer to
His Holy Prayer before Me.

I Come To Comfort you…
To Love you with My Everlasting Love.

You know not the Love of The Father.

You know only love laced
with many conditions.

To Love My Father is to love in total trust.

This Love you
have not known My children.

I Your Lord Am Faithful.
I AM Love.

Do not stand before Me Your God
blaspheming My Holy Will And
Sacred Son with your obstinance.

This is to come against
My Holy Spirit.

This is to curse
My Holy Spirit,
My Will And Who I AM.

This would Forfeit
All Of My Promises to you.

Know that I Am Merciful…
But do not test Me
Your Father or My Son Yah’shua.

We Are Inseparable.
We Are One.

Your world including your worldly
dreams are not welcome
in MY Kingdom.

They are of false hope and
serve Me not.

I Am The Word,
The Word Is As I Am.

I Am The Alpha And Omega.
I Am Lord of Lords And King of Kings.

Think ye not too highly
of thy earthly flesh desires.

My Word Has Warned and
thus I Have Warned.

My Word And I
Stand Alone Set Apart.

My Holy Breath Speaks Of Eternal Life to you,
do not speak of death Before Me, Your God.

I Do Not Create in order to abandon.
I Ask who has abandoned Whom?

Yet My Love And My Grace Reach Out to you
For My Love is not extinguished for you
by your insolence nor your blindness.

I show you your Truth that you might
be set free In My Truth,
By My Spirit.

To accuse Me is to accuse
Your Father In Heaven.

He that accused in the beginning has suffered
eternal damnation as he seeked to exert
his selfish will Over Mine.

Do not flirt with a fate such as this !

I Have Asked that ye be sober, vigilant
and steadfast With My Son In This His Time.

You have been given much
By Me From My Heavenly Storehouse
reserved for My Beloved ones.

Who are ye to stand before Me
saying I will receive and I will take only
that which what I want !!!

Make no mistake…
My people are found wanting.

I Am The Living Word !

He That Sees And Measures
All According To My Holy Laws
And My Holy Ways.

You ask for My Ways yet treasure more
your ways and your desires.
You love darkness !

That which Is Holy Is Holy Unto Me.
That which is envious is unholy Unto Me.

That which is unholy is of rebellion
That Comes Against Me
And My Kingdom.

A rebellious spirit cannot and will not persevere.
A rebellious spirit cannot be transformed,
it can only be consumed in the
Fire Of My Furnace.

Obstinance to My Will will be dealt
with According To The Holy Will of Yah.

My Holy Will cannot be manipulated !
My Holy Will cannot be re-directed !!!

As I Have Said…
No one and nothing is Greater Than I.

Test ye NOT Thy Lord.

There is but one allowed
to test and he is satan.

he must follow My Absolute Will
That My Will May Be Done
in you My children.

To side with the accuser is
to stand defiantly
against Me.

You are to no longer a child of the world.

You have been delivered unto Me.
You must stand Before Me in humility.

You were NOT
Made By Heavenly Hands to scorn.

Come ye not against My Holy Will as My children
did coming out of Egypt delivered
By My Hand out of bondage
under pharaoh.

I Hold The Power over life
and death In My Hand.

To slap My Hand is to flirt with the latter.

Know That Surely I Come.

Eyes Ablaze With
The Fire Of My Holy Spirit
With My Word Which Is My Sword.


I Come By
The Will Of My Father…The Almighty !

Think ye not too
highly of thyselves I Repeat !

I Paid The Price In Full for
The Everlasting Life
that is offered

It Was By My Being nailed to The Tree that you
have The Full Mercy And The Tree of Life
available to you through ME Your Lord.

I Have Asked that you
pick up your cross
and follow

It Was By My Stripes
That you are healed.

It Is By My Resurrection
that you are Redeemed.

I Was The Sacred Sacrifice for your life
and those lives of your brothers
and sisters.

My Sacrifice Was
Of The Love Of The Father.

It Was His Will Not Mine that was served
For His Will Was And Is My Will !!!

Think ye not lightly of My Sacrifice.
My Blood, My Cross and My Resurrection
sealed your Redemption Through Me.

Why do you feel you will surely die
without your will, your flesh
in control ?

Surely the opposite is True.

Has not My Resurrection
The Life Giving Power Of The
Father’s Holy Spirit.

To take lightly the price is to desecrate
My Son’s Shed Blood, His Cross
And The Resurrection
Of My Son,
My Holy Lamb.

My Holy Mount


Yet You Trample Upon All Things HOLY!


You Have NOT BLED.

You have but a surface glance
of the pain and suffering
I Endured that you
might live.

I Have Only Asked for you to persevere
in your battle for Me.

You know not and cannot imagine
the battle I Do for you.

You have not been asked to endure
any more than you can handle.

I Know what you can handle.

You have not known The Good Fruit
From Me…Your Tree of Life.

You have not known The Good Fruits
Of The Spirit Of The Father.

You have not known
Good Food,

My Manna.

You have not known The Love,
The Love of The Father.

These things the world does not offer.

These things cannot be delivered by man,
nor can man deliver you.

The world sells false information, false knowledge
and false freedom at a price with conditions.

The world offers only bondage.
The world offers poverty.

I offer you The Riches of Heaven where I Reside.
I offer all that I offer freely to the meek and humble.
I give it freely and I ask that you receive it freely.

To distrust Me is to take what is given you
and throw it to the ground.

Fear not My child you have nothing to lose
and Every Good Thing to gain.

You are invited
to This,


As My captive you are bound to
My Holy Will, My Holy Will Alone.

Release the burdens of your will for I Have Said
you are not to have a single care or worry.

Your yoke is of destruction.
My Yoke Is Life And Is Easy.

I give you the right to decide…Decide Now
and with The Wisdom I Have Given you.

That which was hidden
has come Into
My Light.

That which Comes Into The Light
can no longer run back into the darkness.

You must now choose the darkness or My Light.

Do you desire to follow your false identity
with no name or to be One With Us
in your true identity and
granted a new
name ?

Will you shed your tattered clothes for the
Pure And White Robes of My Saints.

It Is My Blood
that washes you clean.

An unholy vessel cannot be consecrated.
A yielded vessel will be consecrated.

To go part of the way
is to stop short of the mark.

My Mark for you
is the distance you are to travel.


Remember That
I Was Marked for you.

I also was marked for those that you
envy that know me not.

All that is upon your alter is real,
meaning more than you can possibly imagine.

For you there are no excuses for I have
allowed you Into My Holy Place, My Sanctuary.

You have been set apart Unto Me,
Your High Priest.

I Have Prepared you for My Holy Ministry.
I Have Granted And Given you much.

Your sacrifice is your
reasonable service Unto Me.

Know that I Am faithful
even when you are faithless.

Know that I Love you with an Everlasting Love.
Know that only I have The Love you seek.

Know that I Am The Holder Of The Keys,
The Giver of all you need according to
My Perfect Knowledge of what you need.

You and no one else knows the needs
of your heart that is sick.

I Am The Physician.
I Am The Healer.
I Am That I Am.

I consume your sacrifice in
The Fire of My Holy Spirit.

I Consume all that you
were and are no longer to be.
I Do this from The Love Of My Heart.

When you have done all to stand… then stand.
Do not stop short of the mark !!!

Follow My Son Jesus
Life Everlasting Awaits you !
I Your Father Await your return home.

A Word Given Me In My Walk
Toward Him And
With Him !!!

From Our Lord On High
By His Spirit And By His Will


In Christ and He in me.
It is not about us, It Is About Him,
His Will For us and in our lives.
Eden is there for us for He never left us.
His Promises are never broken nor forgotten.

The path is indeed still there
guarded for our safe return.

Seek He That Is The Eternal Light
Unto Life In and With Him.

May we walk together truly as One Free
With Him, In And Of His Love.


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