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If Today You Hear God’s Voice Harden Not Your Hearts

August 6, 2021 3:06 PM

August 4-6, 2021

Scriptural Reference: 

Jude Chapter 1 Verse 19
“These are they who set themselves apart, sensual men, not having the spirit.”

Are you listening? Or are you ignoring My still small Voice, calling in your heart? Some dismiss it as their own thoughts. Some have shut Me out completely; they are no longer made in My image and likeness (vaccinated). If you have taken the vaccine regimen you can not hear My Voice anymore. Some ignore it knowing it is I AM, but do not want to acknowledge or follow My admonitions.

There is no more time before you plunge into The Great Tribulation. The days of sitting on the fence are over. Confusion and chaos are mounting daily. Those that refuse to hear My Voice are doomed to suffer in this world and the next.

If you refuse to come inside the sheepfold gate now, I must leave you to experience the storm in all it’s force and power. The Warning Experience or Illumination of Conscience is your last opportunity to come to Me. Yes Or No To Your God? I will give you a further six weeks to Repent and make amends, after that the Beast system will mount the throne and the anti-Christ will wave his diabolical snake scepter (Nohestan) across the globe, swallowing all mankind.

You are all under attack, by the evil one and his minions both human and spirit. Those that have taken the Spiritual Mark of the Beast (vaccine) have already crossed a line and placed themselves in a position where physically they will suffer and soon expire.

Those that have taken the vaccines are changing quickly. They will continue to change every day, more so. Mark their faces for they have been altered and soon will be unrecognizable to their own.

Those that have stopped their ears; following this perfidious generation down the wide road to the Lake of Fire, acquiescing or agreeing openly to monstrous evil, unnatural vices, filth, force-fed to even the children and available on all your media.

Those that have trampled on the Laws of the Living God, poisoning the young with their ideas, theories, politics, lies, ideologies, philosophies.

Those that have elevated themselves to godhead, a cosmetic idolatry of fabricated illusions, that collapse as soon as the breath of life expires in their chest.

Those that have squandered their birth right for a mess of pottage, that never fills the hole in their heart and soul, never satisfies and destroys body, mind and spirit, in the bargain.

Those that decided to go along to get along, take the vaccine and do not Repent immediately, will reap what they have sown. An Eternity With The Father Of Lies!


Note: Mr. s. didn’t want this out, a car almost rear-ended me on the way to type and send this message. I have been sitting on it, God must be worn-out it has been repeated in so many messages now, from so many of his watchmen and women.

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